Viewber reviews - 5 top reasons clients use us

Posted on 14 Feb, 2019


Viewber is the brainchild of former estate agent Ed Mead, so we knew our proposition was good, but true validation came when our clients started sending us feedback.

The testimonials speak for themselves and we love nothing more than reading how our service has helped agents and auctioneers across the UK make more money. What we did notice was a myriad of different reasons why agents find Viewber indispensable once they start – each and every one of them makes perfect business sense.

Don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve distilled all the comments, reviews and testimonials to bring you the top 5 reasons why your fellow property professionals are using Viewber:-

1. We convert viewings in to sales – not all of our testimonials are from clients. One property buyer felt compelled to praise the Viewber who showed him around and highlighted how he convinced him to buy the property. Bear in mind this buyer wouldn’t have seen the property without Viewber.

2. We work with speed - we receive consistent praise for the speed at which we can send a Viewber to an appointment anywhere in the UK. Agents say this is a real asset when keen buyers want a viewing at very short notice when they can’t do it themselves.

3. We work outside of office hours – one agent whose database includes international buyers says the ability to book Viewbers for evening, weekend and Bank Holiday viewings ensures he capitalises on opportunities he previously would have missed.

4. We allow agents to be nationwide – agents tell us they’ve been able to take on more properties out of catchment as they know there will always be a Viewber on hand to undertake property viewings - a vital advantage and differentiator in today’s market.

5. We save agents time – one agent had a number of long-distance properties on his books, and booked Viewbers to accompany the viewings on his behalf knowing travelling backwards and forwards wasn’t the best use of his time.

If you like what you read and also want to test the benefits of using Viewber, get in touch.


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