Open to ideas? How about an open house event?

Posted on 27 September 2021
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Open to ideas? How about an open house event?

Isn’t it brilliant when request after request for a viewing comes in, knowing your landlord or vendor will be thrilled? Although viewings are an essential part of the transaction process, they can put agents under an enormous amount of time pressure.

If the volume of viewing requests is getting in the way of closing deals and winning new business, an open house event is a possible solution. Confine all the activity to a single day, create a buzz among home movers and hopefully deliver multiple offers to your client? Sounds perfect.

If only it was that simple. We know that many agents clearly see the value of an open house event but that they can’t spare the time to organize, run and follow up such a concentrated day of activity. That’s why our Viewbers are repeatedly book to host open house events on an agents’ behalf.

Convenience for everyone

An open house can work for everyone involved. For vendors and tenants, the pressure to always keep the property clean and clutter-free is removed, instead focusing on one day. They’re also spared being disturbed by strangers on a regular basis. For agents, an open house event can create a sense of competition among home movers – with offers more forthcoming when people know others are interested in the same property. One-off open house events hosted by a Viewber also free an agent’s time to get completions and new instructions over the line – book with the reassurance that someone else is looking after the genuine viewers and the time wasters too!

Don’t miss the ‘golden time’

It’s widely thought the best time to run an open house event is on a Saturday, generally between 10am and 2pm – the period the Home Owners Alliance calls the ‘golden time’. If you don’t open at the weekend, shut early or operate with a skeleton staff on a Saturday, this could present a problem.

Here’s where Viewber can help. We can be pre booked to work as many hours as you need on a Saturday (or Sunday, if preferred). We’re happy to run an open house alone or we can provide support to one of your agents. No requirement for an all-day event? Our cost-effective service means you can book four viewings to create a one-hour open house event, at a cost of £10 per viewer.

Dealing with an unplanned deluge of viewers

Open houses with pre-booked slots certainly make the day more manageable but not everyone likes to be tied to a set time in advance – especially at the weekend. A ‘drop in’ event will appeal to the spontaneous, accommodating walk-ins and those who may have seen the event’s promotion at the last minute.

And when you’re not sure how many people may turn up, it pays to be prepared with extra staff. A Viewber is worth their weight in gold when your open house turns into a full house – it’s a small price to pay to ensure potential leads don’t slip out unnoticed.

An extra pair of hands for invaluable data capture

The buzz of an open house event is brilliant but it’s easy to get carried away with viewers and forget your sales basics. A Viewber can be tasked with the specific job of taking down the particulars of those visiting – essential for follow ups, cross selling and finding out if a potential buyer also has a property to sell. If you pick up a new instruction on the day, your Viewber will have paid for itself a hundred times over.

Create consistency

The Viewber network is nationwide, with availability in every city, town and village. Our dedicated team takes pride in building rapports with both agents and home movers, so there’s nothing stopping you from booking a regular Viewber – one with expert local knowledge – to conduct your open house events and accompanied viewings.

Follow up with 1-2-1 appointments

One of the drawbacks of open house events can be the lack of quality time with potential tenants or buyers. A work-around is to offer ‘hot leads’ a follow-up accompanied viewing appointment on a one-to-one basis. Too many post-event leads to pursue? Book a Viewber if a certain property is in high demand – our single visit service allows you to use us on an ad-hoc basis.

Claw back desk time with our block viewings

We understand not every agent (or vendor) is a fan of open house events, so why not use a Viewber to conduct block viewings instead? For example, a viewing assistant can be booked for three hours at the same property for £65+ VAT (it’s the same price for weekends) but the timeframe is totally flexible. Availability is from as little as 30 minutes for two timed viewing slots, to all day!

With the Viewber team having an exceptionally strong property background, we’d be happy to chat about your open house and viewing plans. Find out how we can help today – get in touch.

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