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Refer 1 or 100s of clients and earn £100 each time!*

Refer clients to Viewber and you can receive £100 when the referred client goes on to complete 10 or more appointments!

*If a potentially much larger client, see below for where to get in touch

Open to All

Open to All

The Affiliate Programme is an opportunity for property professionals to earn money whilst promoting Viewber services. You, as the new Viewber affiliate, will be assigned a Viewber affiliate link that you can share with friends, family, industry contacts and colleagues.

To apply simply complete the form below:

Share your affiliate link

Share your affiliate link

You can share the affiliate link wherever you like and use it to refer new clients to Viewber. It is important that any new business you refer uses this link to complete a new sign up registration for Viewber.

If they're new to Viewber, you will be designated the Affiliate

If they're new to Viewber, you will be designated the Affiliate

If a new client signs up to the Viewber service by using your affiliate weblink, you will be assigned as the affiliate for that business.

After 10 appointments, you get £100

After 10 appointments, you get £100

Once the new client has placed 10 or more bookings, you will be eligible to receive a £100 referral fee. We’ll contact you for payment details.

If your introduction is a bigger volume user – we can base the referral fee on a percentage of annual income for the first year. To find out more about this scheme, contact us below.



Terms of the Affiliate Programme


If you are approved as an Affiliate, you will be supplied
with a tracking URL that is unique to you. It must be used by a new client when that new client completes a registration with Viewber for you to be eligible for any referral payments from that new client. You will be informed if you are assigned as an Affiliate to a new Viewber client.


Even if a business tries to sign up for Viewber services through your website, you may not be assigned as their Affiliate because that business may already be a client or may not for numerous reasons be approved as a client.


If you have any questions or concerns about the Affiliate Programme or your involvement with it, please contact to resolve your issue. Viewber Ltd. will have the final decision over whether an Affiliate receives a referral fee for any particular business.


Viewber reserves the right to amend or withdraw the Viewber Affiliate Programme at any time, or to remove an organisation’s status as an Affiliate. You will be notified of any such changes. If the programme is suspended or removed, you will not receive referral fees in respect of future bookings from the Affiliate programme.

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