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Hosted Viewings on your behalf

Viewber offers you trained, trusted and local viewing agents to deliver a reliable, UK-wide viewing service throughout the day, evening and at weekends. Viewber enables you to offer potential buyers and tenants a chance to view a property at a time to suit them without any long-term commitment or major investment. Offer something competitors can’t – a guaranteed slot to see your property.

Low-cost, reliable viewings support
Cost effective Open Houses from 30 minutes to 8.5 hours
Reduce your carbon footprint by using local Viewbers
Avoid recruitment costs and excessive time-loss
Offer a 7 day service to vendors, landlords, buyers & tenants
Viewings from Viewber

Viewings from Viewber

Viewber has conducted over 500,000 viewings, enabling your buyers and tenants to gain guaranteed access for a low, on-demand cost. For even greater cost efficiency, use Open Houses to show as many prospective buyers and tenants around a property – from 30mins to 8.5 hours.

Increase operational efficiency
Offer viewings 24/7

Support for Viewings and Open Houses as often as you need

Individual Viewings
Increase availability 7 days a week

Individual Viewings

Choose Viewber and get viewings done when you are unable to do so yourself. Our local Viewber will collect keys, open the property, conduct the viewing and provide you with instant feedback on the potential buyer or tenant.

Open Houses
Maximise demand for a property

Open Houses

Viewber can host open houses and/or provide support for your employees. Simply set a time period for visitors and our Viewber will greet potential buyers and tenants for them to view in a cost effective way, providing instant feedback on who attended and what they thought.

Viewing Assistants
Save recruitment time, costs and hassle.

Viewing Assistants

Viewber can provide viewing assistants for a set period of time on weekdays and at weekends. Use in the same way as existing weekend staff, but without the recruitment and HR hassles. Find out more >

Viewings Lite
Increase availabilty at a lower cost

Viewings Lite

Reduce the cost of a viewing if you can provide access at the property and don’t require post-viewing feedback.

Trained and quality rated

Trained and quality rated

The national Viewber network provides you with instant access to thousands of trusted viewing and inspection experts, rated by people like you. Reliable support without the need to recruit.

Why Use Viewber?

Why Use Viewber?

Win more instructions

Use our scaleable national network to stand out from your competitors by offering landlords or vendors a full on 7 day a week viewing and inspection service – giving them the assurance of unrivalled access to the most suitable buyers and tenants.

Sell properties faster

Getting the best buyers in when they want means you’ll get offers more quickly. Especially useful if competing on a multiple agency.

Recruit and retain

Buck the trend for high staff turnover by giving your talented negotiators some Viewber weekend/out-of-hours viewings. They can earn from them whilst getting their weekends back. Attract in-demand staff by offering them a great work/life balance.

Improve ratings & reviews

Providing a real 7 day a week service will earn good reviews from your tenants and buyers – who will become sellers and landlords one day – and from existing clients too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a Viewing


Book a time and place

Simply arrange a time with your viewing party, log on to you Viewber dashboard adding the property details and appointment time. A local Viewber will be confirmed and contact details provided.


A viewber attends on your behalf

The Viewber collects the keys – alternative key holding arrangements are possible. They attend the property, greets the viewer[s] and take them through the property.


Receive feedback directly to your inbox

Immediately after the viewing, the Viewber completes feedback on the potential buyer or tenant based on your requirements. This is sent directly to you.

Over 500,000 viewings & property visits completed nationwide

Viewber provides reliable viewing and property visit solutions, along with other services, to thousands of busy Estate and Letting Agents, Auctioneers, Property Managers, Landlords and Investors.

Extensive range of support

Our range of support services can help you adapt and grow in changeable market conditions. See what else we can do for you.