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Ed Mead

An estate agent for 37 years, Ed spent 22 years at Douglas & Gordon before conceiving the Viewber concept with his wife Jamie.

A high profile industry figure and commentator, Ed has been a regular contributor to a wide range of consumer and industry publications including The Times, Telegraph, Financial Times, Estate Gazette and Property Industry Eye.

There aren't many in the property industry who have seen it from the angles that Ed has. Access to a panoply of different people from all sectors of the industry, serving on the board of The Property Ombudsman, being a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS), the press in all its forms - including fronting two BBC property related series, running offices and a business in central London, has all come together over the years to give Ed an excellent insight into how the business works and what people are doing to help it function more efficiently and profitably.

 I strongly believe in getting on and doing rather than talking. It’s easy to over promise and under deliver and I'm proud of the fact that at Viewber we've just got on and grown a simple idea into a solid company with a bright future. The need for competent vetted local people to deliver low complex tasks economically is not confined to property and we look forward to being of service to anyone who can find a use for us. 

The idea for Viewber was born out of a problem Ed identified whilst running an estate agency business, and the fact that he is held in high regard has helped many listen in an industry not always known for innovation or change. Ed is convinced that people will always be at the heart of the buying and renting process and hopes that Viewber can help provide this as a variable cost whilst increasing service levels at a time when public expectations of being able to view properties when they want are rising. He has a reputation for saying things as they are.

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