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Viewber provides a reliable and proven solution for hosting viewings and undertaking property visits, live or streamed, as well as marketing services and much more on your behalf – 7 days a week, anywhere in the UK.


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Property Services On Demand

Viewber allows access to a UK-wide network of vetted and reliable Viewbers that are able to host viewings, open houses, photograph properties, visit properties and provide condition reports on your behalf – as and when you need.

Services for you

Maximise income from evenings, weekends and holidays. Give your staff some of their weekends back with occasional Viewber viewings. Differentiate your business from the competition by offering a 7 days a week viewing service.

Why Use Viewber?

Why Use Viewber?

Win more instructions

Use our scaleable national network to stand out from your competitors by offering landlords or vendors a full on 7 day a week viewing and inspection service – giving them the assurance of unrivalled access to the most suitable buyers and tenants.

Sell properties faster

Getting the best buyers in when they want means you’ll get offers more quickly. Especially useful if competing on a multiple agency.

Recruit and retain

Buck the trend for high staff turnover by giving your talented negotiators some Viewber weekend/out-of-hours viewings. They can earn from them whilst getting their weekends back. Attract in-demand staff by offering them a great work/life balance.

Improve ratings & reviews

Providing a real 7 day a week service will earn good reviews from your tenants and buyers – who will become sellers and landlords one day – and from existing clients too.

Learn About Viewber

Find out how Viewber works, the services we offer, who the Viewbers are, how we recruit and train them, plus the types of organisation we work with.

Where we are now

Viewber continues to grow as a nationwide property service provider specialising in viewings and property visits – live and streamed, condition reports, photography, marketing services and more. We work tirelessly to ensure we’re a reliable partner and that your needs are met.

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People on the ground

If staff availability is an issue, remember that services like Viewber are inexpensive and have increasingly-skilled and reassuring people on the ground who can handle viewings.

TV's Phil Spencer

TV's Phil Spencer


Trust to get the job done

Viewber has an array of experienced employees that you can trust to get the job done, appointments are booked really quickly and coverage of the UK is excellent.



Private Rented Sector / BTR

Working very smoothly

We have been utilising Viewber for a few weeks now and it is working very smoothly. The booking system is easy to use and the Viewber we have been using (Alex) has been excellent, kept us well updated and provided feedback pretty much instantly. We have received a few offers from the different viewings and already had a couple of offers accepted.



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