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Recruiting to exceed expectations

Our network of Viewbers is hand selected to offer you a service that exceeds expectations and represents our clients in a reliable, consistent and positive way. Viewbers are recruited in a comprehensive process designed to ensure anyone completing Viewber services is suitable to represent you in every service we provide. Only a minority of applicants make the grade. They are then regularly checked following feedback after jobs.

Viewber Recruitment

Viewber Recruitment

Initially a Viewber must complete the following:

The applicant is required to complete a detailed application about their previous experience and why they are keen to provide services to the property industry
The answers are human reviewed by our Applications team and if they meet our high standard, the applicant is then accepted to the next stage
Each applicant then carries out a one-way interview, Viewbers are asked a series of questions that they have to answer in a competent manner.
We expect them to have knowledge of the property industry, provide clear, intelligible answers, be smartly dressed and provide a friendly, personable approach.

Only 30% of those who apply

Less than c. 30% of those who apply are accepted to progress through to becoming a Viewber

As part of these interviews, we’re looking out for the following:


We want them to show enthusiasm when telling us why they want to become a Viewber

Conflict of Interest

They do not have any conflicts of interest that could impact their approach as a Viewber

Lone Working

They are comfortable when working alone and understand the importance of safety and security for themselves, others and the properties they enter

Friendly & Personable

They can be trusted to present a polite, courteous attitude when representing the range of clients we work with

Effectively Communicate

They are able to effectively use communication and technology tools required to complete the service


They will dress appropriately and present themselves in a professional manner

Contributing to your success

Contributing to your success

This detailed approach to recruitment is reflected in our performance scores. We are proud to having a consistently excellent Net Promoter Score from our clients and a complaints ratio of under 1%.

Identity and DBS Checks

Identity and DBS Checks

The next step is ensuring they provide important and essential documentation such as right to work, proof of address, driving licence and passport for security purposes and that they can pass our due diligence check – we go above and beyond what is typically required in the property sector.

Not only do applicants need to provide the documentation above, we go further and ask all new Viewbers to provide an up-to-date DBS check and refresh it every 2 years. This provides even more reassurance to our clients that they can trust our Viewbers when working on their behalf and accessing properties.

The beginning for a new Viewber

After all of these steps have been approved, we go even further by enrolling every new applicant onto our innovative Viewber Academy online training platform. Training is mandatory for all new Viewbers to enhance, test and monitor their knowledge of viewings, inspections, photography, other services we provide and the general property sector in the UK.


Only when we are satisfied all of the above steps have been taken, will an applicant be on the way to becoming a trusted, reliable and trained Viewber.

It doesn't end there...

It doesn't end there...

The training doesn’t stop there – whilst all Viewbers are able to undertake certain appointments, only Viewbers passing our training are eligible for appointments such as Photography or Floor plans. We work to assist our Viewbers in developing and improving their knowledge and abilities, wherever we can, to help ensure you receive the best possible service.

Comprehensive Recruitment

Comprehensive Recruitment

We believe the recruitment process to become a Viewber is one of the most comprehensive in the Property industry, going well beyond the requirements asked of new recruits in the property industry.

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