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Posted on: 21 Sep

Another National Newspaper looks into Viewber

The Sun picks up the story and Hollie Borland gives her take on what we are doing at Viewber, and how the public can benefit.

Posted on: 12 Sep

The Times writes about Viewber, one year on.

The Times writes about Viewber, one year on.

Posted on: 12 Sep

First anniversary press release

Viewber first anniversary press release and milestones. Now growing fast.

Posted on: 06 Sep

RICS surveyors can have a second bite

Viewber gives surveyors, with their extra skillset, a chance to continue earning, even in retirement.

Posted on: 31 Jul

Is outsourcing now standard for estate agents?

Is outsourcing now standard for estate agents. As costs rise along with customer expectations is outsourcing becoming a go to solution.

Posted on: 31 Jul

A commentator's view of where Viewber fits in

In a rapidly changing tech and property selling landscape where and how does property outsourced viewing service Viewber fit. He seems to think it fits well........

Posted on: 20 Jul

An expert's [undercover] view of Viewber

Rayhan Rafiq Omar goes undercover to check out Viewber, and likes what he sees.....

Posted on: 26 Jun

Saturday/Sunday support, be open all weekend

Use a weekend Viewber to do your multiple viewings, you can advertise you're open all weekend.

Posted on: 29 May

Daily Mail prop editor tries her hand as a Viewber

Mailonline property editor, Myra Butterworth, tries her hand as a Viewber and tells her readers how she got on....

Posted on: 29 May

BBR R4's You and Yours talks to Viewber

BBC R4's You and Yours asks what the service is about and seems well informed. Sensible debate and questions in the podcast.

Posted on: 18 May

Do you get a bargain buying at auction

David Sandeman of the Essential Information Group briefly tells what he thinks about the age old question, are you more likely to get a bargain at auction.

Posted on: 17 May

Series B funding round a success

Viewber completes a successful and very oversubscribed series B funding round.

Posted on: 21 Apr

5 key strategies to make money buying at auction

MD of the Essential Information Group, David Sandeman, tells us five things to do to ensure you make money - not get carried away, when buying at Auction.

Posted on: 11 Apr

Emily Wright of the EG talks to Founder Ed Mead

An Estates Gazette Podcast where Features and Global Editor Emily Wright talks to Ed Mead about how Viewber could be used in both Residential and Commercial sectors of the property industry.

Posted on: 02 Apr

Six companies that will change the way agents work

#PropTech thinker and writer James Dearsley shares the six companies he thinks will change the way estate agents work in the next two years.

Posted on: 27 Mar

Viewings - health and safety matters

An example of where health and safety wasn't dealt with properly and led to a regrettable, avoidable accident.

Posted on: 03 Mar

What does the public think estate agents do

A recent Rightmove survey seems to show that estate agents have done a terrible job of educating the public as to what it is they actually do.

Posted on: 28 Feb

Viewber can handle Prime Central London

Viewber, the outsourced viewing service, now has enough ex estate agents signed up specifically in PCL to handle the exigencies that market demands

Posted on: 27 Feb

Tech control of your business

Without the tech to reach and service the new generation of millennials, existing agents could well become invisible to them.

Posted on: 21 Feb

Commercial agents - simple UK wide inspections

Commercial agents - is organising UK wide inspections and viewings a pain in the proverbial.

Posted on: 15 Feb

Listen to how Proptech sees Viewber

The proptech world is talking about Viewber - find out why by listening to this podcast by industry experts.

Posted on: 12 Feb

Automation and tech makes good agents better

Rather than fearing automation estate agents worried about change can benefit by looking at the positives. As Stoics like to say - the obstacle can become the way.

Posted on: 05 Feb

Auctions - more than the last chance saloon

Auctions are now gaining currency in a market bored of delays and uncertainty - could it become the way of the future.

Posted on: 21 Jan

Peter Rollings invests in Viewber

One of the best know and commercial agents, ex MD of Foxtons and CEO of Marsh and Parsons, says "I get it" to Viewber

Posted on: 21 Jan

Elite Viewber - one to watch out for

The London magazine writes about all hours viewings in London - and beyond - and how Viewber can help.

Posted on: 11 Jan

Remember when technology first grabbed you

Why proptech needs to be run past an agent FIRST. Might sound brilliant to a techie but it'll go straight over an agent's head!

Posted on: 04 Jan

Why don't you join us

Viewber is expanding and we need young sales talent to take the message out to agents all over the UK - join us.

Posted on: 02 Dec

Answering some of the agent objections to Viewber

Whilst many agents can see the advantages of a viewing service they've quite rightly felt there are some challenges - this is how we've been answering them.

Posted on: 15 Nov

Can you REALLY determine the value of your home

Some of the knowledge locked up in your agent's head is really useful, but is it enough to deter you from making decisions yourself - especially on such a valuable asset.

Posted on: 27 Oct

What IS the best use of an estate agent's time

If you ask a member of the public, and I did, what estate agents do - they say "show houses". But that's not the important bit they do and agents know it's not - getting deals done is what counts.

Posted on: 23 Oct

A degree of outsourcing could benefit all agents

Outsourcing viewings or inspections through Viewber could benefit ALL agents, not sure why some should only see it as a benefit to the online agents.

Posted on: 14 Oct

Agents second call must be Viewber says tech guru

One property technology expert thinks an estate agents second call, after Rightmove, will be to Viewber for their outsourced viewings. He opines that it could be what high street agents need to fight back.

Posted on: 13 Oct

An objective industry view

New services and a new generation of owners and landlords means estate agents will have to perhaps think again about how these new clients want services delivered

Posted on: 23 Sep

FT journalist with industry foresight

FT journalist Lucy Kellaway, a year before the arrival of Viewber and with amazing prescience, highlights what might help the estate agency industry and improve the experience for both agents and those transacting in it - i.e. outsourced viewings.

Posted on: 23 Sep

The rise of the Viewber Army

Article by Times journalist Jessie Hewitson on how Viewber works and how those who sign up to show property locally can earn whilst filling a hole in the estate agency service. No seller, landlord, buyer or tenant need ever miss a viewing.

Posted on: 08 Sep

Outsourced viewings, Viewber

Passing on an established and credible agent's view of how Viewber is there to enhance, and not disrupt, estate agency offerings throughout the country, and to help them reach new audiences.

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