Book a Viewber to go on your behalf to conduct a property report

Posted on 16 June 2022
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Book a Viewber to go on your behalf to conduct a property report

Seeing is believing, but what happens if you can’t visit all the properties that need reports? You book a Viewber to go on your behalf – that’s what. We have several sector-specific report templates, with experienced trained Viewbers ready to be your eyes and ears!

Contact us to book one of the reports below:

Landlords & investors

Our ‘view a property on my behalf’ reports are popular among time pressed investors looking at areas some distance away and self-managing landlords too busy to make regular inspections.

  • Basic: an image driven report with multiple photographs of the inside, exterior and gardens of a property. There is also a section at the end of the report for Viewbers to note down any damage they see.
  • Advanced: as our basic report but with the addition of video footage and a more detailed breakdown of the property’s configuration, condition and location. This includes gardens, parking areas, exteriors, interiors, fixtures and fittings, utility meters and appliances. A Viewber’s advanced report will also contain commentary on the local area at the time of the visit, with notes on noise, litter and any witnessed antisocial behaviour.
  • Video & opinion: our video and opinion reports provide a more objective view of a property, with video/photographic evidence, a star-rating for many aspects and the unbiased thoughts of the Viewber inspecting the property. In their opinion, the Viewber will disclose how desirable they feel the local area and property is, whether they can smell damp, if they think certain features need replacing, such as floorcoverings, and whether any aspects would deter tenants from renting the property, such as a lack of parking or inhabitable condition.

Social Landlords

As well as reporting on the condition of a property, Viewbers can check on the welfare of tenants. This provides social landlords with on-the-ground support, especially for those with KPIs to meet.

  • Property & tenant welfare check: these reports are a great way to perform a data capture exercise and confirm who’s living in the property, as well as visually inspect the condition of the home. We’ll photograph outstanding repairs, evidence of damp/mould and instances of damage, while asking the tenants to voice any unresolved issues they have. Our Viewbers can also check ID, discuss what support the tenants may need, confirm what benefits they are in receipt of, and ask diversity and inclusivity questions.
  • Property abandonment check: our property abandonment checks are perfect if there’s a question mark over the occupancy status of a social housing property. A Viewber can call at any given UK address, fully prepared should a tenant still be in situ (housing managers can provide a pre-approved speech and a letter to hand over). If the property looks abandoned, our Viewber will follow a set inspection path, checking the external condition, noting down what they can see through windows, looking for signs of recent activity and taking meter readings, where possible – backed up with photos. They will also talk to available neighbours to see if there has been any sighting of the tenants.
  • Bespoke reports: Viewber understands that no two social housing cases or properties are the same, therefore we give social housing landlords the ability to create their own bespoke report templates for our Viewbers to follow. Our fully customisable reports are available on request.

Property Managers

We understand the value of a property partially depends on its condition; therefore, we offer two different reports to property managers, designed to ensure small problems are detected before they turn into something detrimental.

  • Vacant property inspection: whether a property has been vacant for some time or is empty for a few days between tenants, our photo-evidenced vacant property reports give managers a true snapshot of the state of repair. Our reports will check the property’s external appearance, note storm, flood or water damage, check for signs of forced/unauthorised entry, and inspect for vandalism, pest invasion and cosmetic damage. Our Viewbers can also remove junk mail and take meter readings.
  • Routine property inspection: book one of our scheduled property visits and receive a detailed report tailored to mid tenancy inspections. As well as reporting on the condition of the property, with accompanying photographs, a Viewber will be trained to spot signs that may breach the tenancy agreement, such as pets, over occupancy, sub-letting, smoking and illegal activity. They can also perform basic testing of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and note down any feedback from the tenant.

If you would like to book a Viewber to conduct a property inspection and file a report on your behalf, get in touch with us today. Don’t forget – you can also book a Viewber to conduct a Whatsapp call live whilst in the property if you prefer.

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