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FAQ for Estate Agents....(Viewbers look further down)

How much notice do we need to give to arrange a viewing?    

Ideally 6 hours, but we'll do it in less if we can.  Our record is 30 minutes.

Who fits a keysafe?

    We can organise this for you, on the first viewing if necessary, from £50 + VAT inc. cost of keysafe.

Can we put a keysafe on the front of an apartment block?

     Yes, but ideally permission from the managing agents should be sought and there are usually better more subtle places to fit them. In reality fitting is the same as a board so it's up to you if you want to seek permission, it will only be there for a limited period.

What is Viewber?

    A simple outsourced viewing service using vetted local people to do viewings you can't by harnessing the power of the sharing economy. The service is 24/7 and nationwide.

How do you charge?     

We charge per viewing, but can arrange and charge for open houses. We will also quote you for packages of viewings.

How safe and secure are key safes?     

Key safes are used for over 30m viewings pa in the US and widely by police, care services and Airbnb here in the UK. In reality they are far more secure than a front door or window.

How/where are they fitted?    

They are best fitted discreetly on a retaining wall or hidden at the back of a block of flats. We can arrange from £50 + VAT inc. cost of the keysafe, if necessary on the first viewing.

How do I get feedback from a viewing?

    Our viewbers put the feeback into their dashboard immediately following the viewing and this is available to you immediately. Their manual offers a few vital suggested questions to ask those viewing, for sales or lettings.

What happens re access/keys?

    Once the keysafe is fitted either the owner or agent puts the key into the safe and the code relayed to Viewber ops. But we can collect keys from a local office, keyholder or concierge if preferred.

How does the Viewber gen up on the property before viewing?

    When you book the viewing your dashboard, automatically relayed to the Viewber, offers you the chance to enter the URL of the property and notes relevant to the viewing and property inc. Health and Safety info. They are also told to have your number on their phone so that they [or the buyer] can call you whilst on the viewing if they have any questions.

Who are the Viewbers?

      Viewbers are local people, often retired - policemen, teachers, nurses, stay at home mums etc all happy for some extra work. They will not necessarily be property experts but they will know the local area and will always be friendly and reliable.

What vetting is done on Viewbers?

     Lots. Please contact us if you would like details.

How much cancellation notice is needed before we get charged?

Your viewing confirmation email will confirm the cancellation charges applicable for the booking made.  

Can we rate your Viewbers?

    When you receive the feedback into your dashboard we ask you to rate the feedback immediately out of 5 stars. Viewbers value building up their ratings and it helps guarantee the quality of your Viewbers.


FAQ for Viewbers....

How much will I be paid? 

 This will depend on whether it is for a single viewing or an open house. Please do contact us for further details.

What vetting will I need?   

A copy of your D/L or passport, a two way £1 bank transfer, landline number, social media profile and ideally a Disclosure Scotland DBS check.

How long is a viewing?   

As long as it takes, usually 15-30 minutes.

How many viewings will I do?   

As many as you're happy to take on - we are getting busier every day.

How do I learn about the property before I do a viewing?   

Once you have accepted a viewing via your dashboard you will receive a web address (URL) for the property. We ask you to familiarise yourself with the property online, if possible print the details and have the agent's telephone number on your phone in case the viewer has a question.

What security is there for Viewbers regarding potential purchasers?   

Agents are much better at vetting buyers than they used to be, we will be spot checking their procedures. We expect them to have at the very least spoken to them on a landline and most agents will have qualified the buyer to check they really have the money to buy - this helps the vetting. We recommend you visit the Suzy Lamplugh Trust website as well.

How do I get access to the property?   

You will receive the info into your dashboard once you have accepted the viewing. Could be via a keysafe, local keyholder, local office or concierge.

What training is there for Viewbers?   

Our manual tells you all you need to know.

Am I self employed? 


What if the viewing is cancelled, will I still get paid?   

Your viewing confirmation email will confirm the cancellation charges applicable for the booking made.

Will I be paid for travel - if so how much?   

At the moment we pay 25p/mile for reasonable travel.



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