Introducing the ViewBuddy App

Posted on 15 July 2021
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Introducing the ViewBuddy App

Introducing the ViewBuddy App. Simple and helping keep you safe when visiting property.

When Suzy Lamplugh disappeared in 1986, help for lone workers was limited and of course mobile phones didn’t exist. Weapons, sprays and self-defence courses might have been considered over the top, inconvenient to say the least if not a bar to working in the industry at all.

Over the decades, companies have struggled to address the issue. Mobile phones clearly helped but making a call with an alert password was not always possible and could exacerbate a situation. Training improved and the excellent Suzy Lamplugh Trust has continued her mother’s tireless work to keep attention focused on safety whilst working alone.

Viewber’s business is helping property businesses get their properties shown or visited, so to help keep our Viewbers safe we have developed the ViewBuddy App.

Keeping things very simple it’s free and allows users to enter ‘buddies’ they can alert if going on a property visit that they feel nervous about. Buddies get an SMS alert if the time limit has expired and the user hasn’t pressed the button to end the appointment. It encourages them to ring the user to check all is OK.

If someone attending a viewing raises suspicions, a silent alarm can be raised by entering the PIN backwards. This is useful if someone demands to see the App, as when the PIN is entered backwards an alert is sent to all buddies with a distress notification.

The App is now being made available to anyone in the industry who, on a personal or corporate level, would like one more tool to help keep themselves, or their employees/contractors, just that little bit safer.

It’s in the Apple and Play Stores now – just search ViewBuddy.

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