14 reasons to love being a Viewber

Posted on 13 Feb, 2018

Do you love your job?
Ask our community if they love being Viewbers and we’re 99.9% sure they’d all say yes. So what is a Viewber - it's a local person who shows people around a property on behalf of an estate agent or other property companies. You work in your local area, set your own hours and take on the amount of work that you’re happy with. 

14 reasons to join Viewber
14 is a big number when it comes to love – think Valentine’s Day on 14th February – so here’s our top 14 reasons why people love being a Viewber:-

1. No-cost set up
There’s no sign-up fee when you become a Viewber, so you’re in profit from the very first viewing.

2. Work where you live
On average, Viewbers undertake viewings within a 6-mile radius of their own home, so you can minimize commuting times and costs, and stay as local as you need to.

3. Manage your own diary
There’s no minimum number of viewings expected, so you can accept or decline jobs on a case-by-case basis. Busy that day? Simply say no and we’ll offer you another viewing next time round.

4. Top up your current wage
As long as you’re declaring all your earnings, it’s possible to be a Viewber alongside another career. Be a Viewber and top up your holiday fund, or take on viewings at evenings and weekends when you’re not working your other job.

5. Win one of our regular competitions
All our Viewbers are encouraged to take part in our monthly competitions, run on our Viewber Community Facebook page. Sign up and you could win a £100 John Lewis voucher!

6. Get your 5 minutes of fame
If you’ve dreamt of being a star of the small screen, here’s your opportunity. We’re always looking for happy Viewbers to take part in blogs for our social media promotions.

7. Be Kirsty or Phil
Have you ever watched Location Location Location and thought Kirsty and Phil’s job looks a cushy little number. Here’s your chance to follow in their footsteps and help people find their dream property.

8. Enjoy a varied job
No two viewings are the same and as our business expands, so does the variety. You could be checking a guest into an Airbnb on Monday, touring a potential buy-to-let for a landlord on Tuesday and filming a video viewing on Wednesday.

9. Show your local love
Being a Viewber gives you the chance to share your local knowledge with people who may be from outside of the area. It’s the perfect role if you love where you live.

10. Deliver service with a smile
Enjoy delivering good face-to-face customer service? Being a Viewber means your talents won’t go to waste.

11. Own a part of the business
In January 2018, we became the first ‘sharing economy’ company to offer its community the chance to become investors in the business. Viewbers were openly invited to co-invest in the company to help us grow stronger and share in our success.

12. Perfect your property knowledge
Us Brits have an obsession with all things property and being a Viewber allows you to pick up inside insights that may help your next move.

13. Build a cult following
It’s all about likes, follows and fans, and you too can gain an online following. Each client is asked to leave a review for the Viewber who conducted their tour, so sign up and feel the love with 5* feedback!

14. Take an active role
If your current role is too sedentary, becoming a Viewber will get you out of the house, keep your grey matter working and stave off the pipe and slippers. 

Interested in becoming a Viewber

You just need a passion for property and a lot of love for your local area. Discover the opportunities where you live by signing up today. https://viewber.co.uk/become-a-viewber

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