6 property management software products to try

Posted on 25 Jan, 2021

Time heavy. Compliance heavy. Admin heavy. Deadline heavy. Managing even a small portfolio of let properties can be lucrative but can also be a huge drain on resources.

As we move through 2021 with property management teams potentially still at home - working, isolating, supervising children and even convalescing – there will be greater emphasis on remote operations and efficiency. Thankfully, there is an army of software solutions ready to create a smoother journey.

Reoccurring themes amongst suppliers in 2021 will include cloud computing, automation, the elimination of repetitive tasks, digital (not paper) trails and prompts that ensure nothing slips through the net. Gas safety certificate expiring soon? There will be an alert for that. Inventory due next week? You’ll get an automatic reminder. Several forms to fill out for one tenancy? The address will automatically populate.

Whether you are transitioning from traditional paper-based management to a remote operation, switching staff between home and office working, trying to achieve more with less or scaling up your management division to meet demand, products exist to save managers time and money. Here are some of Viewber’s recommendations to explore:

(Click on the names to see their websites)


1. Fixflo

The last 12 months have drastically altered our approach to personal space and property visits, with emphasis on distancing as much as possible. By its very nature, Fixflo provides a digital bridge between property managers and tenants, using an online, picture-based reporting system to replace an agent having to visit a property in person to identify the issue.

Renters are guided through the process by step-by-step visuals, with the facility to upload photos and videos to really pinpoint the problem. The agent can then qualify if it’s an emergency, order works and even gives trades enough detail for them to source parts and provide accurate estimates. As well as a stand-alone service, Fixflo is probably one of the most integrated software solutions, compatible with almost every platform.

2. OpenView

VTUK’s OpenView property management product was recently cited in The Negotiator magazine as software with a dual function: “designed to maximize the time a letting agent can spend on human interactions by freeing them of menial tasks but also providing a solution for a period when social distancing and restricted travel have curtailed face-to-face operations.” Like many evolving software products, OpenView’s focus is on automation with an exciting dash of artificial intelligence. We’re talking ‘algorithmically haptic’ - communication through facial recognition and fingerprint technology for times when property managers need the personal touch but from afar.


Focus Micro System’s RENT lettings and management software takes users into the realms of digital signatures – an aspect that many providers are quickly incorporating into their set-ups. Any resistance around the phasing out of ‘wet’ signatures has recently melted away, as the ability to verify, comply and complete during the pandemic’s ‘stay at home’ orders has been critical.

4. Rezi

Dezrez’s Rezi software portfolio is aimed at property managers looking for an end-to-end solution. It starts with a pre-tenancy area, which makes information gathering and tenancy agreements a cinch, moving through property maintenance, inspections and compliance, before providing auto banking and client accounting all under one digital roof.

5. Arthur

Like all of those featured in this blog, Arthur is a cloud-based property management software that facilitates the switch from a paper-based office to a digital operation. Added for our ‘new normal’ is a function for tenants to remotely let property managers know if they are vulnerable, shielding or isolating, so property visits can be safely accommodated.

6. AgentOS

Software providers have realized that property management is a juggling act, with multiple suppliers, contractors and deadlines to keep on top of. The best management software can bring hundreds of third-parties together under one roof, which saves logging into and running several apps, with synergies created using API and plugins instead. AgentOS is a supplier example for whom Open Banking is part of that ecosystem, taking the effort out of paying contractors and landlords.


If you’re looking for extra time saving and efficiency measures, think about partnering with Viewber. Our local Viewbers can let trades in, take deliveries, meet with suppliers and prepare property reports on your behalf, so you can spend more time on important issues and less time traveling to basic appointments. Contact us today.

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