6 ways to add value to your agency

Posted on 20 May, 2019

The extra mile. Going above and beyond. An invaluable service you couldn’t put a price on - these phrases sum up what adding value means. When it comes to estate agency, it’s creating tangible points of difference and beneficial services that justify your fees and make movers feel they’re getting value for money (and a bit extra). In today’s property climate, however, the key is to add value without a huge outlay, so here are Viewber’s 6 creative ways to add value that won’t break the bank.


1. Offer a home concierge service – you’re probably already providing services such as key holding and tradesmen recommendations, but you can add value by packaging them up and cleverly marketing them as a time, and hassle-saving, concierge service. Customers love a service that makes life easier and rebranding what you already offer creates a fresh service and builds brand loyalty.


2. Be generous with your time and advice – there are many ‘firsts’ in property – first-time buyers, first-time sellers and first-time landlords, to name a few. Agents already hold all of the advice and knowledge people need, and adding value can be as simple as sharing this in different ways. Free in-branch advice clinics, written ‘how to’ guides and explainer vlogs are a low-cost way of imparting your knowledge so people they feel they’re getting something valuable for free. People have long memories too.


3. Add property management – the reality of the tenant fee ban is a loss of income but one service letting agents can still charge for is property management. Although it is an income generator in its own right, it’s also an invaluable service for landlords who don’t have the time or knowledge to keep their lets legally compliant.


4. Invest in sales progression – with more home movers discovering that some agents lose interest immediately after the listing is live, real value lies in dedicated sales progression. The immense reassurance that sales progression gives customers is a real USP but sales progressors also allow agents to focus on front line tasks, rather than chasing other agents and solicitors, making the whole office more efficient.


5. Increase your viewing flexibility – with 97% of buyer/tenants saying they would find evening and weekend viewings beneficial, it’s a no-brainer to offer accompanied viewings outside traditional office hours. Even if you’re only open 6 days a week and shut by 5:30pm, you can give yourself a real selling point by partnering with Viewber to offer accompanied viewings during evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays.


6. Become a one-stop shop – moving home is a milestone with many component parts, all demand time and attention. You can stop customers feeling overwhelmed by offering a number of services in your branch – all designed to simplify the buying or lettings process. Telling people they can browse property details, see a mortgage adviser, get a conveyancing quote and discover the cheapest utility providers for their new home all in one appointment is a real plus point.


If you’d like to know more about a flexible, scalable approach to accompanied viewings, contact Viewber. We’d be delighted to share how we’ve already added value to agencies across the UK!

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