Answering some of the agent objections to Viewber

Posted on 2 Dec, 2016

Time passed and experienced gained with customers has given some interesting insights into how agents can best comfortably use the new Viewber service and I thought it might be helpful to run through some challenges agents have identified and how we’ve dealt with them. Viewber is an adaptable service that’s here to learn from those who know best – agents themselves.


To those who struggle with having strangers to show their properties it’s worth pointing out that many very well know high street names, Savills, Knight Frank and many more, use viewing staff to show their properties. Many top names struggle to persuade staff to work evenings and weekends, so viewing staff are an integral part of their offering.

Viewber simply offers a pay as you go version of exactly that – so you too can experience the same sort coverage without having to employ the staff.

Worries about security and key safes are natural, but with a word of mouth and well-vetted network that includes DBS checks we feel an accountable local Viewber will satisfy most. Their manual clearly states that they must walk around the property with the buyer/tenant and they’re required to give feedback. Keysafes are nothing new, used in over 30 million viewings p.a. in the US and far more service industries than you’d imagine here. They have great uses for RICS qualified valuers etc to go in after a deal is agreed too. Vulnerable doors and windows are always going to be an easier point of access for a determined thief than a keysafe. The combination of the safe is changed regularly but if necessary keys can be collected from a local office or keyholder. A Keysafe is best fitted by an agent’s board company, and most of our customers haven’t had an issue.

Knowledge -

Some want their staff interacting with buyers and tenants. I’ve had this issue myself and wouldn’t want to change anybody’s policy – but what about second and third viewings followed by surveyors or valuer visits – all very time consuming for negs. I used to point out to staff that much of the info you’d glean on meeting an applicant can be drawn out in that first telephone contact – so is meeting them really necessary.

Some have worried that a Viewber won’t know the property, but online familiarisation and being local goes a long way. Viewbers will never pretend to be estate agents and exist to fill gaps but we have found that the same Viewber often does the viewings and gains valuable familiarity.  Their manual requires them to give feedback from the open house/viewing immediately and the agents rate them on that feedback – the better their feedback the more work they’ll get.


Very little of consequence as many see it as something they couldn’t do before and that it can actually saves them money. For many out of town agents the service has meant they can now take on properties they wouldn’t have been able to before and for others the opportunity for increasing revenues far outweighs the cost

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