Doing the right thing

Posted on 30 Mar, 2020

Written by Viewber co-founder, Ed Mead:


Every time I write anything it’s out of date 24 hours later.

For many of us this is emotional, that’s how agents work, with emotional intelligence. Some received brickbats in the press for carrying on longer than might have been socially justifiable and judgements are tough to call. Having suspended Viewber operations, I know how it feels and what it costs to be ‘doing the right thing’.

My brain isn’t switching off though and despite having had several years of working from home it does give you a much wider scope for introspection, especially if there’s no social counterbalance to get out and about to switch off. The left side of my brain, the not so good part, is imagining all the ways in which it might be possible to carry on – if not as normal then at least ticking over. Luckily the right side is winning.

It’s frustrating that there are some out there who simply think rules are for other people. Is it really that difficult to grasp the fact that a few short weeks of pain is likely to allow us to come out of this more quickly with less deaths. I’ve got several friends infected and it’s not pleasant and have others with partners working in the NHS where they’re already under severe pressure. Those flouting the rules just exacerbate everything, pictures of packed tube trains and busy streets and offices were galling for many of us.

I did a webinar with hundreds of our Viewbers a few days back and was amazed how many would still like to do some work if it was considered essential and if social distancing and barrier protection is in place – but they get why we’ve done what we’ve done. Bearing in mind that much work can be local, and done alone, it would seem those same Viewbers will be ready to go the moment restrictions are lifted. I am sure many of you would like even more clarity on what constitutes ‘essential’, trying to carrying on as normal simply shows a lack of emotional intelligence at a time when we all need some.

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