Helping the long-distance landlord

Posted on 24 Jul, 2019

Landlords don’t have to live close to a property they rent out. In fact, they don’t even have to live in the same country. A burgeoning services and products sector is allowing investors to purchase anywhere in the UK and not have to be hands on or within touching distance.

Why is this important? Yields are more significant than ever before and achieving the best returns may mean a purchasing a buy-to-let miles from the landlord’s own property. Many of the products and services that are emerging can work stand-alone for self-managing landlords, or they can complement the portfolio of a professional letting agent. Each is designed to give landlords an extra layer of protection or the ability to be at arm’s length – vital if you’re based in the south of England and you’re chasing lucrative yields in the north.

Here are Viewber’s top four products and services that allow landlords to invest anywhere in the country: -

4 services & products to facilitate the long-distance let:

Gas Tag is a new safety compliance tool designed to let landlords know if the correct gas safety compliance measures are being followed. The tool comprises three main components – the ‘Gas Tag’, a small tag scanned by engineers to show evidence that work has taken place at a property; an app used by engineers to log their work and a portal, which provides proof of compliance and an overview of all gas works completed.

Google Nest’s Thermostat controls can help prevent Legionella. The system detects if the tenant has been away for more than 48 continuous hours, with the thermostat automatically turning off the hot water and ignoring the hot water schedule. However, the hot water will turn on for a short time every couple of days to help prevent the formation of bacteria, such as Legionella – which is great during void periods.

Grohe Sense Guard is a Wi-Fi connected water controller. It monitors water consumption, detecting and shutting off leaks and pipe breaks (a complete hole or a crack in the downstream piping system), even when the tenant isn’t at home. This can help reduce consequential water damage.

ADT’s Home Monitored Smoke Detection package involves the company testing the smoke alarms on the landlord’s behalf and monitoring them on a 24/7, 365 day basis. The system raises and registers the danger as soon as smoke is detected, even if the property is empty.

Viewber is another essential service for the long-distance landlord with thousands of UK-wide Viewbers ready to conduct property visits and viewings on their behalf. Our vetted Viewbers work especially well in tandem with a key safe – which Viewber can fit as part of its service. If you’d like to know more, contact the Viewber team today.

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