How to please today’s home movers

Posted on 3 Apr

We’re living in a world of 24/7 connectivity and sophisticated digital consumption – against a backdrop of expectancy where businesses are assumed ‘open all hours’. So where does that leave the 9-5, Monday to Friday agent? Thankfully there are bespoke options open to sales and letting agents, helping them serve an increasingly demanding home moving fraternity.

Here are Viewber’s top 5 must-have offerings for the modern mover.

1. Video tours – digital content is increasingly weighted in favour of video and live broadcasts – Facebook auto play, Instagram live and YouTube are three prime examples - and now home buyers want their property search brought to life in the same format. From narrated videos through to immersive 360 virtual tours, the moving image is an essential part of the marketing experience, now supported by the leading portals across desktop, mobile and apps. 

2. Flexibility on viewing times – not many buyers can break away from their work day to make a property visit, therefore requests for out of hours viewings are always there. Research shows that 97% of buyers/tenants would find evening and weekend viewings beneficial, and that 82% lost out because they couldn’t get in when they wanted, so offering accompanied slots after 6pm, and on a Saturday and Sunday, is essential.

3. Live chat & chat bots – we’re in the age of instant gratification and that means if home movers have a question, they want it answered right away, whatever the time or day. In fact, it is estimated that 54% of estate agency web visits are outside of office hours.  Step forward chat bots. These pop up dialogue boxes - controlled by a real human, powered by artificial intelligence or programmed with predefined answers - are widespread in many industries but are rare when you land on an estate agent’s website. As well as quick conversations that can be had on any device, online chats are brilliant for data capture, serving property details and retargeting.

4. Instant valuations or AVMs – many home owners are so curious about the value of their home that they can’t wait for an official visit. Some feel embarrassed about inviting an agent round if they’re merely thinking about it. An instant valuation tool, or automated valuation model, provides an ‘arm’s length’ no-obligation interaction that people feel comfortable with, whilst being a powerful lead generator and acting as another data capture point.

5. Floor plans – they seem like an obvious inclusion but a surprising 25% of property listings don’t currently have a floor plan. While video is emotionally engaging and a powerful digital marketing tool, a floor plan’s importance is not to be underestimated. Rightmove found 1 in 10 buyers would never arrange a viewing if they had not seen a floor plan first, while over a third were less likely to enquire about a property without a floor plan.

If you’d like to offer viewings out-of-hours, on a weekend or Bank Holiday, talk to Viewber. We have thousands of trusted, vetted and accountable Viewbers ready to support your agency by accompanying any property viewing you can’t get to.

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