Keeping eyes on your investment on your behalf

Posted on 26 Feb, 2018

Are you a full-time worker and a part-time landlord, running a let as a sideline. Maybe your investments are further away, chasing the highest yields and the properties with the best price growth potential. Perhaps you have moved miles away from your let - even left the country – but would like to retain your property.

Unlike other investments, such as stocks, shares and pensions, property is a tangible asset. It’s not like a cellar of fine wine that can be left to age untouched. Where a buy-to-let is located, what it looks like and how it is being treated will affect its value, so it’s essential that someone is ‘eyes on’ – even if you can’t be.

Keep inspections up & costs down
Viewing potential investment properties and regularly visiting them to carry out inspections is crucial to successful property investment. You can pay a property manager to do it on your behalf as part of a range of other services, but charges are likely to be going up, especially in light of the tenant fees ban. We also know that changes to the wear and tear allowance and restrictions on landlord tax relief may mean you’ll be looking for ways to maintain yield.

The good news is there’s plenty of support for landlords who want to cut costs and self-manage, with services like Viewber making it possible to keep tabs on your property and grow your portfolio.

Let Viewber be another set of eyes
Our community of locally-based Viewbers undertakes inspections and viewings on behalf of landlords and investors. Simply pay for as many visits as you need, when you need them. Our reliable UK-wide network of Viewbers are hired for their report-writing abilities, eye for detail and professional experience, so you can have complete faith when they visit a property on your behalf. Reassuringly, many Viewbers have had successful property careers, more than qualifying them to assess a property when you can’t be there.

Spotting potential & problems
Use a Viewber in one of two ways – or even both! If you are looking to buy an investment property and are too busy or too far away to see it, commission a Viewber to go for you and use their detailed report to make a decision - saving you time and money, especially if the property turns out to be a disappointment.

Viewbers are also adept at carrying our property inspections during tenancies – allowing you to see what goes on behind the closed door of your let - allowing landlords to make a decision of whether they need to take action or let the tenancy run its course without having to visit the property themselves.

Meet a typical Viewber
Arianna is part of our Viewber community and illustrates the type of person who will view or inspect a property on your behalf. She is already going into properties and looking round, thanks to her role as founder of ClutterBug - a professional home organization and decluttering service. Here Arianna talks about her role as a Viewber:-

“With my experience of going into people’s houses, I can point out the potential of a property, and document what’s good and bad. Also, I am used to seeing mess and clutter – I’m an expert at seeing beyond piles of laundry and toys, putting me in a position to report back to landlords or investors using my critical eye. Being a Viewber is perfect for me as I’m passionate about property and can spot what might be out of place.”

A trusted representative anywhere in the UK
Arianna is just one of our Viewbers who visit properties regularly, checking out potential investments and carrying out basic inspections. If you’re in London but there’s a fantastic flat in Leeds you’d like a report on, book a Viewber. Likewise, if you’re a self-managing landlord with concerns about the condition of your let, we can quickly send a local Viewber on your behalf.

To find out how we can help keep an eye on your investment, contact us for a no-obligation discovery call.


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