Live video calling ups the virtual viewing ante

Posted on 12 Jun, 2020

Viewber talks about live WhatsApp video viewings – a fully interactive, two-way process that puts potential purchasers and tenants in the driving seat.

Virtual reality is often touted as the ‘next best thing to being there in person’ but even in this relatively new field, there are different levels of realism.

Although we know nothing beats physical viewings – which we continue to facilitate by adhering to current Government guidelines – we appreciate that it may not also ways be possible (or desirable) to make your first viewing one that’s conducted in person.

Live WhatsApp video calls launched

In response, Viewber has added a live WhatsApp video viewing service that can be scheduled for any property thanks to over 3,000 Viewbers providing complete nationwide coverage. The booked Viewber will visit the property on your behalf and use WhatsApp to hold a video viewing. The interested party will be given a private property tour, with the Viewber showing them the inside and outside space on a live ‘as seen’ basis.

A viewer-led, personalised service

Viewber’s live video calls allow people to dictate their own viewing experience - unlike pre-recorded videos and 360? tours, which tend to provide a one-way, prescribed experience. Those dialed in to one of our video calls can direct the Viewber to certain rooms and ask them to revisit areas, with the added bonus of being able to ask the Viewber to open cupboards to inspect storage, zoom in on features or hold the camera up to a window to check the view, for instance.

WhatsApp video calls also offer an alternative to the currently-prohibited ‘open house’ marketing method, with up to three groups being able to join the same live video call.

Interactive ‘ask questions’ facility

Booking a Viewber to conduct a video call has the massive advantage of being able to ask questions in a live capacity based on what the viewer sees in front of them. They can also tap in to true local knowledge, as our Viewbers tend to visit properties in and around where they actually live.

“Our Viewbers bring real depth of local knowledge to live viewings, frequently offering insights that even an estate agent can’t necessarily offer,” comments Viewber’s Ed Mead. “This is very useful for investors who are researching a possible buy-to-let miles away from where they live, for professionals relocating for work and for families who may be moving for schools.”

If you’d like to know more about our live WhatsApp video call facility – which is conducted within the Government’s official property viewing guidelines - please get in touch today.

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