Open Sundays without working Sundays

Posted on 25 May, 2018

We have become a 24/7 consumer society, with the ability to shop online day and night from anywhere we like. To a degree, the High Street has tried to keep up with late night shopping and Sunday trading but some argue this forces people to work unsociable hours and detracts from family time.

Research, however, has found that Sunday is the second busiest shopping day of the week, with 44% of people visiting stores on this day. This puts estate and letting agents in a difficult position. Do they staff High Street branches to show they’re ‘open for business’ or do they stay closed on a Sunday to avoid unpopular weekend staff rotas?

There is a happy medium, thanks to Viewber. While walk-in business may be much less on a Sunday – leaving a question mark over the number of new instructions secured in branch during a Sunday versus the cost of staffing the office – but demand for Sunday viewings is always very high, especially if Saturdays are super busy.

Movers are frustrated when they can’t book Sunday viewings – many of our agents cite their inability to meet the demand for Sunday viewings as the reason they started a partnership with Viewber. A six day working week, or a requirement to work Saturdays, is more common than ever, leaving Sunday as the general public’s preferred day for browsing and shopping. 

Viewber gives agents the opportunity to offer people precious Sunday viewing and property inspection slots without the need for staff to be in branch. Just imagine – you can say yes to every Sunday request – whether a buyer is desperate to see a flat at 10am or you have a difficult tenant who can only accommodate a mid-term inspection at 4pm.

Agents can use the promise of Sunday viewings as a great selling point, especially if competitors don’t offer the same level of service, and branches can swap the fixed cost of a Sunday worker to a variable one by only paying for Viewber’s accompanied viewings as and when they need them.

With Viewber there is no minimum number of viewings an agent needs to book whatever day of the week – simply use our straightforward booking system, whether it’s 2, 10 or 20 viewings on a Sunday, Saturday or during the week.

And don’t worry about shifting the burden of Sunday working hours on to our Viewbers. Our business is set up especially for people who need a flexible working arrangement. Many of our Viewbers actively request Sunday work as it suits their schedule and family set up. It’s a great agreement – allow your business to flourish without placing pressure on your own staff, give people what they want – Sunday slots – and provide work for local people seeking weekend hours.

Contact us today and extend your opening hours to include Sundays, without the hassle of finding willing staff or opening your branch.


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