Resignations & recruitment: your new year headache

Posted on 2 Jan, 2018

A New Year’s resolution to quit?
Will you arrive at the office to find an ominous white envelope on your desk. Well, there’s a high chance you will this month as January is when employees are most likely to consider changing jobs. Be extra vigilant on 31st January as research by Crunch found this date to be the most popular for handing in resignation letters.

Bad timing
January resignations couldn’t happen at a worse time in estate agency as it’s a seasonal peak. For every negotiator looking to leave your company, there will be a number of clients and buyers wanting to book viewings and valuations. Staffing gaps may push you to panic hire but it can be a costly mistake in more ways than one. The talent pool is ever decreasing and you may pay over the odds to tempt another negotiator to join your team. In addition, if traditional recruitment proves fruitless, you could be forced down the expensive agency route. Whatever method you use, if you hire the wrong candidate in haste, you may lose business through poor standards and damage your agency brand in the process.

Keep calm and find out why
A resignation can create a sense of alarm in your branch - not only as there’s more work to share with fewer people but it can spook other members of staff. It’s worth finding out why the person is leaving so you can reshape your business to avoid similar resignations in the future. Normally the issue lies with pay, conditions, career path or commute – all of which can be rectified before it gets to the point of resignation.

Addressing issues immediately after a resignation may not prompt the person to reconsider but it may stop others from leaving. Perhaps a promotion, a work-from-home day or extra annual leave will be enough to stop others resigning.

The no-stress solution
Understandably you’ll be feeling the strain while under-resourced, especially if the recruitment process is drawn out or the resignation unexpected. Viewings may become the tipping point as they take your precious few staff away from branch when they’re needed at their desks. Why not delegate viewings to Viewber. We can ease the pressure by conducting viewings on your behalf using our knowledgeable local experts, backed by our 24/7 support.

To date, we've completed over 10,000 viewing appointments on behalf of hundreds of High Street agents – during the day, over weekends and in the evening to provide the most accommodating service that doesn’t disappoint viewers or branch managers.

Outsourcing is a great back up plan for when you’re light staffed or overwhelmed with business – whether that’s after a resignation, during peak holiday season or when your team has come down with Australian flu! There’s no contract and you only pay for what you use – cost-effective and simple.

Outsourcing to Viewber can be a permanent arrangement too but whatever you choose, the delegation process will be seamless. You can see for yourself how it works with a free online demo and discovery call. To book, register online at 

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