Posted on 4 Mar, 2020

Written by Viewber founder, Ed Mead:

Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. Over three years we’ve developed easy to use software, a fabulous team of people to run it and a network of Viewbers to deliver the service, but sometimes that means keeping an objective view of our addressable market has been difficult.

My supposed area of expertise has always been sales, and whilst progress in that sector has been strong, its clear other areas are faster to adapt and take up new methodologies.

Lettings – a transactional process with less emotion, where unique UK requirements like meeting your tenant first to prove ID and one open house tends to get the place let, has been more fertile Viewber ground – why wouldn’t you get a local Viewber to go and meet the tenant, wherever they live, and do an ID check NOW, rather than having to arrange for the tenant to travel to the property/office to meet.

Property Management – why send staff halfway across the county/country to inspect a property when a local Viewber can do it.

Auction companies - currently make good use of the service and others in the portfolio management and Build to Rent sector are fast discovering the benefits of variable vs fixed costs.

What I hadn’t expected was the developing demand for the platform as Software as a Service, Saassy as we call ours. Many industries have distributed service models but struggle to connect customers with their [often remote] service providers effectively. First look insurance inspections, far away car checks, booking a surveyor – just three examples of where approaches have been made to see if we can plug an existing service gap cheaply and efficiently.

I’d love to engage with anyone seeking a white label solution to this intractable problem or perhaps where you’re looking to cut out or reduce dependence on a call centre.

We’ve spent time and money building a national solution that’s working for others – maybe you could benefit too?


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