The solution to your property portfolio expansion

Posted on 20 Feb

This guest blog is written by Natasha Collins from NC Real Estate.  Natasha is a Chartered Surveyor, University Lecturer (in Property Management), Well Being Advocate, Public Speaker and has an overwhelming passion to make sure that investors succeed in the property industry.

One of the biggest challenges my audience face is finding finance to fund portfolio growth. Everyone is hung up on building more, more, more, but as soon as you confront them about their money situation they clam up, tell me there’s nothing available and then get immediately frustrated.

For most, this is where portfolio growth stops!

Not because money isn’t readily available, but because fear of the unknown and frustration over their current situation stops them dead in their tracks. It can be tough getting over the fact that you casually have £25k laying around in your bank account to buy that next property.

Yet, I know, through many years of investing, that whenever you need money to grow it is available. There are many property enthusiasts who have funds available but no time to invest. There are companies who see potential in real estate but no desire to build a property portfolio. Similarly, there are many people who wish to collaborate because they lack knowledge but again have funds to bring half to the table. As an investor it is your job to connect with these people, build connections and relationships and find investors and joint venture partners who can support your portfolio growth.

It seems too easy doesn’t it… too good to be true? Yet this is an awesome strategy when the bank accounts run dry.

At NC Real Estate, I set up the Members Club so those connection can be formed between property investors. It’s a safe space to get to know like-minded individuals and support one another through knowledge and resource sharing. Partnerships form quickly, portfolio growth is inevitable. It’s also online, so you can build your network from wherever you are in the world.

It’s also a regulated space, the investors in the Members Club are honest and trustworthy, they strive to improve the built environment. Which is why I only open up the enrolment window a few times a year. It’s the perfect place to develop, build and maintain a profitable portfolio.

Enrolment is open from NOW until Friday 2nd March. The March package is Money On Demand and I will be working with you to implement strategies into your portfolio so you can continue to buy more properties. Click here to enrol NOW.

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