UK holds the top international property investment

Posted on 3 Feb, 2021

Lauded around the world for its ‘safe haven’ status, the UK looks set to maintain its appeal among global property investors in 2021.

Borders may be temporarily closed, but the UK is most definitely open for international property investment. When analyzing who reads our digital newsletters, Viewber can see our following is as far and wide as the US, Monaco, Australia, Germany, Romania, UAE, Japan and Hong Kong. But don’t just take our word for it, other sources are also observing strong global interest in UK property.

UK: the top investment destination in 2021

A recent DLA Piper survey sought to establish the intentions of individual global property investors during 2021. One third of the 500 high-net-worth investors who participated in the European Real Estate Global study revealed their residential real estate investment activity would focus on the UK. In closer detail, Chinese investors are more likely to purchase UK property in 2021, followed by those in the US.

The respondents cited the ‘the continued appeal of UK real estate post-Brexit’– rooted in its ‘trusted asset status, strong fundamentals, low interest rates and high potential yield returns compared to equity markets’ - as to why, collectively, the UK came out on top as the most in-demand property investment destination.

Paul Bennett, the Director of the Behr & Butchoff estate agency based in St John’s Wood, Central London, agrees that interest will continue to come from Asia. “The majority of buyers and tenants in our part of the capital are foreign nationals. Prior to the current Covid pandemic, those shopping for property were from the Far East and Middle East, with those from the US and Europe more inclined to rent. Once the current travel restrictions are lifted, I anticipate the same varied overseas parties wanting to live, work and invest in the UK. This even applies to our now-detached European neighbours, as continued investment could be encouraged if the Government provides financial inducements.”

International companies keeping faith

Pure Property Finance set out to establish which countries find a property investment in the UK most attractive, with a focus on foreign company ownership and not individuals. It discovered the top five owners were in the British Virgin Islands, Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Luxembourg. Together, global organisations in these destinations owned almost 70,000 UK properties, with London occupying 8 of the top 10 spots in terms of location. Only Manchester and Liverpool represented areas outside of the capital.

Buying ‘blind’? Buy with confidence

So how do buyers decide where to invest when they may not be able to travel to inspect a property in person? The rise of purchasing ‘sight unseen’ (also known as buying blind) is being fuelled by the spectacular growth and adoption of remote viewings. Described as the future of selling by virtual tour provider Matterport, purchasing without visiting the property has become a mainstream reality much quicker than many thought.

Insights & evidence provided on a global scale

Viewber is an integral part of the ‘sight unseen’ process, especially when it comes to investment purchases by overseas buyers. We are the eyes, ears and rational thinking for those who are purchasing from afar, providing a winning combination of intel that allows for the most informed, remote decision making.

Order your international support package

Viewber is here to facilitate property purchases wherever the buyer is located; with a number of services and assets that can be ordered remotely. Our UK-wide coverage allows us to visit any available property, and we will work with agents to ensure safe and prompt access. Benefit from:-

- Unrivalled local knowledge: each Viewber will live in the vicinity of the property they are assigned to, guaranteeing in-depth insights and knowledge that can be shared with the investor.

- Visual asset pack: Viewbers can compile a comprehensive set of photographs and pre-record video tours for investors to peruse digitally at their leisure.

- 360 degree tours with floorplans: thanks to advanced technology, our Viewbers can create 360 degree tours of any property, which also generate a floorplan.

- Live video viewings: this ultimate viewing replacement is popular with overseas investors as it’s the next best thing to an in-person visit. A Viewber will conduct a live video call from the property, with the potential purchaser in control of where the Viewber goes for a personalised service.

- Investor reports: Our Viewbers can visit any property in the UK and provide a written report on its current condition – all from a totally unbiased standpoint.


Start your UK property investment today by booking a Viewber to visit apartments and houses you may be interested in on your behalf.

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