UK Viewings 7 days a week, even if you only work 5

Posted on 21 Feb, 2019


It’s fair to say that if people are in a position to buy or rent a property, they are probably in employment. For agents, the inevitable by-product is a group of keen but time-pressed purchasers and tenants who request to see properties outside of your normal trading hours.

Work-life struggles

For many, the requirement to view properties after 6pm or over the weekend is driven by an out-of-kilter work-life balance. A survey by found Brits are putting in more overtime that ever before, while the Office for National Statistics found that full-time UK workers put in some of the longest hours in Europe.

Agent negotiators also under pressure

The pressure of commuting, earning a salary and trying to enjoy a fulfilling home life is putting pressure on our time. It’s a sentiment that applies to agents as much as viewers. There aren’t many agencies that can staff a branch from 8am until 8pm seven days a week. Yet, it is the unsociable hours that are most appealing to viewers.

Never say no to a viewing

In a property market where things are slower, facilitating every viewing request is essential. After all, a viewing can lead to an offer and an offer is one step closer to completion - and a fee being paid. It’s a simple numbers game.

Viewber recognises that staff want to go home to their families and it doesn’t always make business sense to physically open a branch at the weekend. So give your staff their weekends back whilst enabling them to earn from them – give them Viewber weekend viewings to use instead.

The above means you never have to say no to viewing requests, even if it’s 8pm on a Tuesday, a Bank Holiday or on a Sunday morning. Viewber is designed to carry on showing prospective customers round when you have stopped for the day, and to carry on feeding your pipeline.

Accompanied viewings anywhere in the UK

We have thousands of Viewbers, located all around the UK, available to accompany viewings when your working hours are over. Our Viewbers are vetted and hand chosen for their professional approach, give immediate feedback and of course they’ll be local, so know the area well. Many of our Viewbers have worked in the property industry before or are ex agents themselves. Wherever your property is located, we have a Viewber close by who can attend the viewing and file a report back to you within hours.

Perks to using Viewber include:

- Full seven day-a-week service, including weekends

- Evening and Bank holiday availability

- Short-notice booking facility

- Book Viewbers remotely when you’re not in the office

- Order on a Saturday for a viewing on a Sunday

- Promote extended viewing hours to clients

- Differentiate yourselves from local competitors

- Sell/let properties faster

Turn your agency into a business that suits modern life by offering a full service outside traditional office hours, at weekends or any time that suits you. We’ll take over when your office shuts, so you can accommodate every viewing request and keep the deals flowing in.


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