Unintended consequences – not always a bad thing

Posted on 3 Oct

Post by Viewber founder, Ed Mead:

Saas, Paas – it used to be a foreign language, what’s changed? Read on, you might be surprised.

I’ve changed, three years of mostly working on my own and reaching into the darkest corners of the industry has taught me a lot. Patience being the biggest but that’s for another time.

The start-up journey has been one of unintended consequences. My experience as an estate agent told me there as a gap in the market for what Viewber does - there is but reaching those that might benefit from it has been a function of the conservative nature of the business, i.e. slow. But it’s getting there, only taken three years.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the plethora of other uses Viewber’s platform and software would have. The growth into property management is rapid, given fees aren’t going up the only way to increase profitability is to take out costs. What better way to manage a large portfolio geographically spread out than a pay as you go workforce that’s always just around the corner, ready to pay a visit, walk by, take a picture or have a look inside and produce an instant report?

Another and possibly the most exciting development for Viewber is the proprietary use of its platform and software to instruct third party geographically spread service networks – allowing both payment to the service provider and delivery of the report back to the principle without human intervention. Users simply plug in their own network at one end and the instructing offices at the other, offering it as a white label solution if necessary. Imagine you were an agent with a network of EPC, inventory, photographers etc. Usually someone in the office could spend all morning sorting a couple of appts. Imagine putting all jobs into one piece of software which then automatically puts the job to your local contractors, all of whom have been put on the platform. Contractors accept the job, are paid and deliver results within the system – saving costs, hassle and giving staff/bosses more profitable use of their time.

Potential uses are endless and not restricted to property. Conversations within insurance are happening and other industries are beginning to sit up and take notice.

If you think you might be one of them, or you’re a busy agent with a light bulb that’s just gone on, get in touch with me.

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