Viewber averages top 10% Net Promoter Score® 2021

Posted on 12 Jul, 2021

A score of 60 puts Viewber in the coveted ‘excellent’ band of companies who deliver a customer experience so good that people are highly likely to recommend its services to others.

There are many different ways for a customer to research a company – online reviews, websites and forums, for example – but for many, the most reliable endorsement is a recommendation. That’s why the Viewber team is thrilled with its latest average Net Promoter Score® of 60 – an indicator of how many customers would recommend our business.

Our score of 60 is especially stunning when you consider that only 10% of brands in the UK achieve a score of at least 40, with anything in the 60s considered ‘world class’ by the organisation behind the ranking system.

What is a Net Promoter Score®?

A Net Promoter Score® measures customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and predicts business growth. It’s a global benchmark used by businesses worldwide and here at Viewber our score is an important part of how we measure the customer service we deliver and plan for future improvements.

How is a Net Promoter Score® worked out?

A score is achieved after asking people one critical question about a company: how likely is it that you would recommend this company to friends, family and colleagues? The question can be asked once at the end of the customer journey or multiple times at different stages. The end result is a figure that is understood the world over – one that provides a genuine snapshot of a company’s reputation among its customers. 

Sounds complicated, is it?

Not at all, which makes the results as authentic and genuine as they come. As well as one easy-to-understand question, respondents are given a straightforward, simple way to answer, using the scale of 0 to 10. Zero points means the customer is very unlikely to recommend a company, with 10 meaning they are extremely likely to recommend a brand. Those that respond with a 9 or 10 are known as promoters – customers who are happy, loyal enthusiasts who will keep using a company and refer it to others.

The final score is worked out by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters, a figure that can be as low as minus 100. Simply put, a high score means a business has far more satisfied fans than those who have negative feelings towards the brand. Thanks to our exceptional level of customer care, Viewber is proud to have numerous promoters who we thank for helping us achieve our score of 60.

How does Viewber compare?

The most recent UK-based, property-specific data Viewber could find was published by the Property Academy in 2016, and claimed that the average Net Promoter Score® for estate agents was 22 and just 12 for conveyancers. Looking at more recent comparisons from across other industries, as published by Customer Guru in 2021, top performing brands included Sony (+61); Apple (+47) and BMW (+40). Low scores were posted by Santander (-25); Ikea (-9) and Disney (-7). 

If you would like to experience Viewber’s exceptional customer journey – as endorsed by our own happy clients – get in touch today.


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