What do property viewers expect in 2020

Posted on 4 Dec, 2020

Viewber’s Viewing Behaviour Survey 2020 reveals our modern attitudes to viewings, where who stays and who goes is not as important as booking flexibility and local knowledge. 

The results of Viewber’s first ever Viewing Behaviour Survey are in, with a group of active home movers - aged 25 to 64 and predominantly made up of buyers and tenants - taking part in the inaugural 2020 research project.

Viewber decided to gauge the country’s attitude to viewings in October this year, having witnessed the property market and viewing process go through a number of pivotal changes, especially over the past nine months. For the first time, Viewbers’ online survey has established modern viewing behaviors, and the role both estate agents and sellers play in the viewing stage of moving home.


Headline results from Viewber’s Vieing Behaviour Survey 2020

- 100% of respondents agreed that evening and weekend viewings are beneficial

- 82% would be happy being shown round by a vetted independent person rather than an agent 

- 77.3% think an agent should know the local area well and offer local information during a viewing

- 50% would prefer the property owner to be out during the viewing

- 77.3% said they could look past a badly presented or dirty property


Out-of-hours viewings are beneficial

Not only did every single respondent say that being offered a viewing time that suited them - such as in the evening and at weekends - was beneficial. Just over half (54.5%) commented that evening and weekend viewing slots were extremely beneficial and expected them to be offered by agents, while 45.5% said out-of-office-hours viewings were somewhat beneficial but that they, as viewers, should be flexible.

Local knowledge is vital

Over three quarters of respondents - 77.3% - expected an estate agent to offer local area information - including insights into schooling and transport links - during a viewing, stating they would find this information helpful as a home mover.

Sellers? You can leave

Of course, in our Covid times it is mandatory for the seller, tenant or landlord to leave the property while a viewing takes place but with a hopeful return to normal, home movers are pretty split when it comes to who stays while a tour takes place. 50% would actually prefer it if the seller was NOT present during a viewing. A total of 36.9% didn’t mind and were happy if the seller stayed or if they left, while only 9.1% definitely thought the seller should be present during the viewing. 

Don’t bother to declutter and dust

Surprisingly our survey revealed that a spotlessly clean home isn’t necessary to impress viewers. Of those who were asked, 77.3% said a property in a bad condition wouldn’t put them off as they could see past it, while an additional 18.2% felt some clutter was fine. Interestingly, none of the respondents said they expect the property to be extremely clean and didn’t find it necessary to easily be able to see the whole of every room.

Expect to step outside

In an age where access to open space is a rising priority among home movers, it came as no surprise that 90.9% of those questioned expected to have access to any garden during a viewing, with 9.1% saying it didn’t bother them.


On seeing the Viewing Behaviour Survey 2020 results, Viewber’s co-founder Ed Mead said it was clear what mattered most when it to came to viewings: “We’ve been rather hung up on how clean and clutter free our homes are but actually, the quality of local knowledge offered during a viewing and the time at which the appointment can be facilitated is what really counts,”.

Agents wishing to respond to the latest home mover viewing trends may not always be able to accommodate the above, hence why Viewber exists - a service for property professionals who wish to tap into local availability and knowledge in their own community. Agents, auctioneers and property investors using Viewber have access to thousands of vetted, independent people who can accompany viewings on their behalf – guaranteed with 24-hour’s notice.

The Viewber advantage

Our Viewbers frequently offer deeper insights into the immediate area than an agent as they live in the community and have greater flexibility in the hours they work - able to attend viewings after 6pm during the week, over the weekend and Bank Holidays. “As our Viewbers attend viewings in their local vicinity they are the perfect host when you consider viewers want out-of-hours bookings and to be furnished with meaningful local information,” says Ed. “Feedback from viewers accompanied by a Viewber consistently suggest they were impressed with the timekeeping and detailed knowledge offered by our network members - people who can provide the small details that makes the big decisions easier,” Ed concludes.

To discover more about Viewber and modern viewing trends, contact us today.


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