When did delegating become outsourcing?

Posted on 4 Apr, 2018

Everyone loves to delegate don’t they, sharing the workload, getting someone in to help, going halves on a project or a job share.

Delegating sounds helpful and friendly – it can bring a sense of relief and lightens the load.

Somewhere along the line, however, delegation has morphed into outsourcing – a more modern term for passing work on to someone else.

Outsourcing can sometimes imply unsatisfactory service levels and an association with call centres. Whatever you think, you’re actually enjoying outsourcing every day but might not realise it.

We outsource large parts of our daily life and are truly thankful for the help. Do you have a cleaner, a gardener or a dog walker, that’s outsourcing. Do you pay for someone to redecorate, a delegation of DIY. Weekly groceries or a takeaway delivered to your door, you’re delegating a third party to bring goods to you on your behalf.

Outsourcing comes naturally in our personal lives and can do in our professional lives too. If you do the research, read the reviews and listen to recommendations, outsourcing can also improve work-life balance, free capital resource and can really help businesses balance their books.

Outsourcing needn’t be about replacing jobs. It’s about supporting companies, facilitating growth and creating more jobs. At Viewber, that means we help letting and estate agents offer accompanied viewings whenever people want them – those annoying post sale agreed appointments, appointments outside office hours, when they’re short staffed or rushed off their feet. We fill in the gaps, step up when employees are ill or meet people at properties when the branch is shut. It can genuinely work in everybody’s best interests.

In the process of outsourcing, we are creating flexible jobs for local people – people who want to join the growing ‘gig’ economy and work where they live. Almost 4,000 people have become Viewbers already – setting their own workload when it suits them – you could delegate work to them when it suits you.

Why not find out more about Viewber today? Contact us to set up a discovery call, or browse our website for more details. 

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