Winter wonders: viewing tips for colder months

Posted on 5 Nov, 2019

More homes than usual will be on the market this winter, especially as summer and autumn haven’t been as brisk as hoped in terms of buying activity. While many sellers think winter casts a shadow over viewings, it can be an exceptionally good time to sell.   

Many a purchaser has fallen in love with a property due to its roaring fire or warm atmosphere, so seize the day (or winter’s night) and prepare to welcome viewers to your home. Viewber’s advice for enticing people to put in an offer....

Lighten up – Dusk can fall as early as 4pm so be careful not to leave people in the dark. If you’re not going to be present during viewings, leave lamps on timers so no one is faced with a pitch-black property. If you have an outside light by your front door, leave it on and be sure to switch on garden lights so visitors can see what’s outside without venturing into the cold.

Get the temperature right – creating a welcoming ambience is as much about warmth as it is soft lights. Too chilly and viewers will wonder if your central heating actually works. Too stuffy and people will want to head for the door. Everybody’s definition of ‘comfortable’ is different but around 20°C is good middle ground. Use your central heating timer to ensure your property is warm when people arrive, even if you’re not home.

Harness hygge – make buyers fall in love with your home by seducing them with a sense of hygge – the Danish tradition of creating a cozy, comfortable environment. Light candles to cast a soft glow, add tactile throws to sofas and if you have a wood burner or open fire, make sure it’s lit for viewings.

Offer people a warm drink – it sounds so basic but there’s no better greeting than a mug of hot tea or coffee when you’re coming in from the cold. This simple gesture will not only warm viewers but it’s also the perfect ice breaker – a conversation starter ideal when meeting strangers.

Showing at Christmas? – December is a great time to sell your property in all its festive glory but steer clear of the über tacky – it’s probably not the time for a giant inflatable Santa on your roof. Opt for warm white fairly lights, decorations inspired by nature, such as wreaths and garlands made from holly, ivy and spruce and adopt a classic colour scheme, such as red and gold.

Our Viewbers are working throughout the winter season – during the day, at night and over the weekends. If you need a viewing accompanied, book a vetted Viewber from the local area to show people around on your behalf. Contact us for details today.



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