Work less hours: achieve more success

Posted on 8 Jul, 2019

New analysis linking how many hours an estate agency branch opens versus its sales success found being open all hours didn’t improve a branch’s fortunes.

In fact, GoCompare found agencies that stayed open for more than 61 hours a week – including a high proportion that open on Saturdays and Sundays – took much longer to sell properties than branches that opened for between 40-61 hours (and even longer than those who were open for less than 21 hours in a seven day period).

Although the findings highlight how extended opening hours do not always result in success, it is important not to muddle keeping a branch closed and not working at all. Many of the UK’s most successful agents facilitate viewings during evenings and weekends - without having to open an office - as they know that’s when viewers are most active. See Viewber’s own research here:

Here are Viewber we’ve acknowledged the demand for viewings during unsocial hours but balance this by offering a service that brings a better work-life balance to estate agents themselves. Seven day-a-week opening is not only counterproductive in many sales situations – it can also lead to staff burn out too. Working weekends and late nights is one of the main reasons why agency staff leave the industry, and the extended hours are also a barrier to attracting new talent.

Viewber is an all-round solution. We allow every agency to say yes to out-of-hours viewings without the need for employees to open up, man a branch or work when they’re rather be with their family. Our service grants negotiators valuable Saturdays, Sundays and evenings off - with our local, vetted Viewbers stepping in to accompany their viewings whilst keeping earning potential up. What’s more, working with Viewber reduces your overheads, negating the need to power and staff a branch over the weekend or late into the evening when passing trade is minimal.

The Viewber business model has one other major perk - allowing agents to keep earning commission, even when they’re not working! Our Viewbers are paid a flat fee for each viewing and if the visit results in a successful sale, the agent who booked the Viewber retains their sales commission – even if they were at home with their feet up when the buyers looked round.

If the idea of working less yet accompanying more viewings, completing more sales and, ultimately, earning more commission sounds appealing, explore how Viewber can help by getting in touch today!


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