Your flexible viewing partner that saves you money

Posted on 20 Jun, 2018

We understand estate agents are looking to trim costs, run more efficiently and respond to shifting customer attitudes. It’s not a time for a rigid structure – whether that’s opening hours, services or even wages.

The smarter business model is a flexible ‘pay only for what you need’ one, and this is where Viewber excels. We’re set up to support estate and lettings agents with property viewings and visits in a changing – often challenging – market sector. Our ‘pay as you use’ service helps keeps your property business fresh, adaptable and profitable.

Viewbers offers the following:

- Pay per viewing – there is no minimum or maximum with Viewber

- Budget efficiently with our simple fixed fee – no hidden costs or surprises

- No ongoing service fees – we don’t believe you should pay anything on top

- No minimum or maximum number of viewings required to use Viewber

- Ultra-quick 2 minute sign-up process for our partners

- Key solutions for 24/7 property access – including the fitting of key safes and a secure key holding facility in partnership with Keynest (more on Keynest here)

- If volumes start to develop we can talk about pricing to suit.

Let our 4,000+ Viewbers increase your service levels, cut costs and allow you to adjust in line with the property market. If you’re familiar with any of the following property scenarios – we can help!

Overwhelming number of out-of-hours viewing requests

Your budget may not stretch to paying late night, weekend and Bank Holiday wages but buyers will request these times. We facilitate viewings when your branch is closed, our Viewbers are available seven days when demand is high.

Pressure on staff due to training, annual leave and sickness

If you find yourself short staffed – even at short notice – Viewber will plug the gap. You can book a Viewber with as little as 2 hours notice. So if you’re two team members down on a Tuesday, contact us!

Rushed off your feet but need accompanied viewings

The peaks of the property market can leave your staff desk bound but if you’ve promised accompanied viewings in your marketing, simply book a Viewber knowing someone vetted and local is there to show your viewers around. Easy.

Underused staff

With the peaks come the troughs and using Viewber can help your streamline your agency – especially if you have anyone twiddling their thumbs. You can achieve a more efficient team through natural wastage or restructuring when you work with Viewber - only pay for the viewings you book, rather than a full, part time or overtime wage bill.

“We know that almost every agent and property manager will be looking at their overheads in the next six months, seeing where they can streamline and look for efficiencies,” says Ed Mead at Viewber. “Cost savings, however, need to be balanced with customer service and standards. It is, however, possible to increase and improve the services you offer and save money at the same time by only paying for what you need, a real demand service.”

If you’d like to know more about our Viewbers and hear how other property businesses are offering extended property access and viewings, get in touch.


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