Prepare now for Easter property expectations

Posted on 7 April 2022
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Prepare now for Easter property expectations

You can’t move for chocolate eggs and chicks, which means one thing – Easter is almost here. The double Bank Holiday is a prime time for home movers who are mentally calculating the dates: buy in spring and be moved in for the six-week summer holiday and comfortably settled by September.

Unusually for Easter – when it’s normally agents ‘talking up the market’ and trying to drum up business – it is bona fide statistics that are compelling buyers and sellers to seize the seasonal moment.

Rightmove – arguably behind some of property’s most prevalent sentiment forecasting – has gone public in saying we currently have ‘the perfect storm’ of Easter conditions (perhaps even the best ever), elevating expectations that are already high.

Sellers could capitalise on a rise in property values, with March 2022’s 1.7% increase the largest seen seasonally since 2004. The portal has also noted the greatest imbalance between properties for sale and the number of buyers ever measured at this time of year, resulting in fierce competition between purchasers. Completing the picture is the proportion of properties finding a buyer within the first week – sitting at an all-time high for spring.

The hype feels almost unreal and it’s quite possible that we’re heading for a self-fulfilling prophecy, even at a time when rampant inflation and interest rates hikes should be quelling, not fanning, the flames.

Stoked by media reports and Rightmove statistics, sellers are expecting the red carpet in terms of customer service, the volume of accompanied viewings and the speed of processing – they want the buoyant market to deliver. The warning for branch staff across the country is ‘brace, brace, brace’ for an all-hands-on-deck Easter weekend – activity that will also leave a legacy of office-based paperwork and sales progression in its wake.

If you have a full complement of agents and administrators to call on over Easter, take a bow. But as well as client expectations at extremely high levels, Viewber knows agents will be juggling this with the perennial problem of annual leave. For many – agents included – Easter 2022 represents the first time for two years that they can go on holiday, visit family or plan days out without tracking, tracing and testing red tape.

If requests for holiday leave are likely to dovetail with a viewing diary that is bursting at the seams, offers that need negotiating and chains that need supervising, here’s a timely reminder that Viewber’s overflow viewing service will be fully operational over Easter.

You can book a vetted, trusted Viewber to accompany prospective buyers or tenants right across the Bank Holiday. Our availability includes Good Friday and Easter Monday, as well as the Saturday and Sunday in between, plus we offer morning, afternoon and evening slots to ensure no viewer misses out.

With no minimum or maximum booking requirement, you can choose the level of service that suits this Easter’s demand – single viewings and half days through to a full day booking and even weekend-long open house events.

Our simple dashboard-based booking system is designed to work when things are short notice. If you get to the end of Good Friday and see you need viewings help on Sunday and Monday, log on to a book a Viewber to instantly increase your capacity.

We’d be happy to bolster your resources and make sure an even higher number of your listings get the maximum footfall during Easter and beyond. Get in touch to open your account, and to discover our huge range of property viewing and inspection services.

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