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Providing access to a property for important appointments, deliveries and people can be tricky. Thankfully Viewber has a range of options to help resolve issues associated with property access including installing key safes, providing a trusted Viewber key holder or collecting and returning keys to a specific location on your behalf.

Key Safes

The option Viewber recommends to provide access at any time for maximum availability. A low cost, secure solution to key management.

Popular choice for value and security
Installed within 7 days to any UK property
Provides the greatest availability for appointments
Discreet and hidden installation
A Viewber Key Holder

A Viewber Key Holder

Viewbers that have good a availability and pass our additional vetting including a DBS check can hold the keys to a property indefinitely on your behalf providing a secure option for when a key safe is unable to be installed.

An innovative alternative to a Key Safe
One fee for holding the keys, no ongoing charges
Availability limited to individual Viewber
The same Viewber completes all viewings
Key Collection & Return

Key Collection & Return

As part of the majority of Viewber appointments, our Viewbers can collect and return the keys (within approx. 3 miles / 10 minutes travel) or you can choose to send the keys via post ahead of a booked appointment.

Most appointments include collection and return
Availability of keys is set by the agent / vendor
Keys remain stored with agent or vendor
Postal option for keys stored further afield

Straightforward Key Management


Add a property and book an appointment

Log on to your Viewber dashboard, add the property details and then Book an appointment. Choose key collection and return or to add either a Viewber Key Holder or Key Safe.


Arrange Collection or Send Keys

Arrange a convenient time for key collection or send the Keys to our Viewber by post. If you have chosen a Key Safe, the installer attends the property installs the chosen Key Safe to a location that you have specified.


Receive confirmation to your inbox

After the keys have been collected, received or the Key Safe installation has been completed, we’ll send you an email to confirm.

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