Viewber Diaries – Sophie, Fulwood Preston

Posted on 18 January 2022
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Viewber Diaries – Sophie, Fulwood Preston

“Who are the Viewbers?”

This series follows different Viewbers who are based all across the UK – sharing their experiences of being a Viewber.

These are the people who conduct the many property appointments and services that we offer. This is your chance to get to know them better.

Hi, Sophie here.

I’m based in Fulwood Preston and have been a Viewber for 7 months. My career path has taken me down the Dental nursing route for the last 37 years but I’ve always been interested in property since being a little girl. 12 years ago, I joined a private practice in Fulwood helping the dentist to build up the patients and over 12.5 years later, it’s now a thriving private dental practice. However, after Covid-19, I decided the time had come to change career.

My personal interests are photography, level 4 Mauy Thai, walking and property. I’m married with two sons, aged 27 and 20. The 27-year-old recently married in Nigeria and now lives in Manchester, where they have lived for almost 3 years.

I recently moved from a four bed Semi in Chorley, to a nice two bed bungalow in Fulwood and it’s so nice here. I do prefer the countryside more than a city!

How do I prepare for a Viewber appointment that I am hosting?

– Check I have the keys for the property

– Print out the appointment

– Check in my bag that I have a socket tester, compass, wipes, hand gel, pen (which has a torch and attached screw driver)

– I also have a laser measure

– Plug and charging lead

– Spare mobile phone for taking photos

– Note book

– Speaker for ambient music

– Bottle of water

– Possibly a book to read if I find myself waiting

I arrive 15 minutes early and switch on the lights if there is power, open all doors, check around the property and pick up any post. I open curtains if I can and unlock all doors, including sheds and garages. I also like to put on ambient music, make sure the taps work and check for damp – hand gel and wipes at the ready! My note book is then opened and have the printed-out appointment to hand, as it has the viewers name on so I can tick them off.

After each appointment, I check all lights are off, taps are turned off, all internal doors closed, along with any curtains and windows. I then lock all outside buildings and doors, have a final check around the property and then lock all external doors.

Top tips for fellow Viewbers: I have found having a panic button helps, make sure you have ample time to arrive due to traffic and stick to a routine that works for you.

I love being a Viewber, probably due to the fact I’ve always been interested in property so this was the ideal choice for me. I can choose which properties and appointments I go to and being self-employed is great. I follow Martin Roberts and Sarah Beeney on social media.

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