Move mundane tasks off your ‘to do’ list

Posted on 8 July 2022
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Move mundane tasks off your ‘to do’ list

The more technology we have, the less effort we need to make. It’s simple, right? We’ll do anything to avoid going out of our way, doing a boring chore or disturbing our ‘Netflix and chill’ time. Robot vacuum cleaners that hoover for us, automatic irrigation systems that save unravelling the hose, even app-ordered delivery drivers who bring items as trivial as a Greggs steak bake or a bar of chocolate to your front door – delegation has never been more in demand.

But what about work? Now is the time to delegate when you’re at your desk. The tasks that you find mundane are the ones we think are magical! We’re happy to do the mind-numbing and time-zapping property visits on your behalf, ensuring your busy schedule isn’t disrupted. Simply order a service using our simple online dashboard and a Viewber will appear! Nothing is too small or menial, and a Viewber can be booked for as little as 30 minutes, up to a full day.

Delegate the following to us and make your professional life much simpler:

Key holding, letting in & locking up

A locally based, DBS-checked Viewber can hold and look after a set of keys if you have a property that is subject to multiple visits. For maximum convenience, a Viewber can collect the keys from your office and drop them back when required. You can book the key-holding Viewber to let in trades, photographers, floorplan creators, surveyors and inventory clerks, and they’ll lock up once the appointment is complete.

Sit & wait

Is there anything more frustrating than waiting about twiddling your thumbs? Sadly, there can be a lot of that in this industry when property visits are so frequent. We understand you’ll want to attend appointments that may result in a sale or new business but what about the rest? Send a Viewber. Our Viewbers offer a ‘sit and wait’ service, whether that’s biding their time for the delivery of a new washing promised between 8am and 12 noon, or waiting while a contractor finishes a repair.

Meet & greet

Not everyone needs to be met by a skilled agent or property expert so send a Viewber on your behalf when a local, professional will suffice. We’re happy to meet new tenants and hand over keys and we can assist Airbnb owners when there’s a high turnover of guests. Also use a Viewber to accompany buyers on second and third viewings when they just want to measure up or refresh their memory.

Evidence-based tasks

Sometimes all that’s required is a set of eyes and a smartphone. Our Viewbers can visit a property to perform simple evidence-based tasks and file the data back to the agent the same day. Book us to read meters at the end of one tenancy and at the start of a new one, or ask us to report back on the standard of repair work or a property’s condition. As well as written reports, we can provide photographic and video-based evidence, or even live stream from the property while you remain at your desk.

All our services are combinable for the very best value-for-money, and our Viewbers work seven days a week, evenings and Bank Holidays too. Contact us to open your Viewber account and to say goodbye to everything that’s mundane about your job.

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