1 visit, 1 day or 1 week – a flexible service!

Posted on 6 Mar, 2020

Mad half hour, manic Monday or just a plain crazy week? Viewbers can be booked on a flexible basis to take on an accompanied viewing or last minute inspection exactly when you need help.

Nothing makes us happier than speaking with property professionals and even more so when starting a conversation with someone who is new to Viewber. We have discovered, however, that many people have misconceptions about booking a Viewber – especially around the matter of minimum requirements so we’d like to dispel the myths. There are no set rules when using Viewber!

Ed Mead – a 40 year ex-estate agent  – created Viewber knowing that the property industry is fast-paced and dynamic with no two days – or even hours – the same. Our booking service is 100% flexible so agents, auctioneers, investors et al. can call on our help as much or as little as they need, without penalty.

One of our thousands of Viewbers can be booked for a single job or on any flexible basis. Running an open house or block viewing event? Feel free to book the same Viewber for the entire day for continuity. Find yourself short staffed over the weekend? Use Viewber for just Saturdays or Sundays. Annual leave or illness leaving you under-resourced during the week? Use Viewber when you’re short on manpower. Got a rush on after-work viewing requests? Call on our ‘out of hours’ team when your own staff have finished for the day.

It’s all well and good telling you about instances when Viewbers can save the day but what about real life scenarios? The following are true-story testimonials of where Viewber has been working with property professionals to help them increase business, improve service levels and close more deals.

The long-distance portfolio disposal

One of our clients was asked by a property investor to dispose of a portfolio but the caveat was the properties were scattered across the country. Knowing we had a nationwide network of Viewbers, the agent asked for our assistance in this short-term project and we were instrumental in the sale of multiple properties.

The unpredictable workload

The highly mobile and unpredictable nature of one estate agent’s international client base led them to partner with Viewber. Our 24/7 service – available the same or next day – has allowed the agent to facilitate viewings and close sales that it may have otherwise missed due to being unable to attend at short notice or during unsociable hours.

The ‘out of office’ team

When all of its agents were out of the office at the same time and a viewing request came in, this hybrid agent called on Viewber to undertake an accompanied visit on the team’s behalf. Our single use service saved the agent the hassle of trying to reschedule or worse, losing the potential client altogether.

The ‘dip your toes in’ agent

A regional High Street estate agent tried our service when marketing a property in west Wales. After a successful experience, the agent came back to Viewber wanting to explore our services further, knowing there was no minimum spend or booking requirement.

The ‘out of area’ lister

No one likes to turn down business so when one of our auction house partners is asked to sell a property out of area – which is happening increasingly frequently - they know they can say yes. Our client simply contacts Viewber to facilitate access, take catalogue photos and accompany viewings and even run open house events on an ‘as and when’ basis.

If you’d like to try Viewber, with no minimum spend or booking requirement, contact us today.

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