After 4 years of WFH, here are Viewber's tips

Posted on 26 Mar, 2020

Written by Viewber co-founder, Ed Mead:

OK, lots being written about working from home – which in any other circumstances should be renamed ‘working from anywhere. Viewber was founded with WFH as a cornerstone and we have (well up until recently anyway) had up to 26 people working from home for the last almost four years.

For me personally it’s been a real voyage as I came from an era where WFH was considered to be the lazy option – it became clear very quickly that that was utter rubbish. My default for 37 years was a busy office and lots of banter, no more. Tech has helped a lot with the ability to video call a real boon so long as it’s not overused – my eyesight is getting worse by the day. The negatives have been related to mental health and isolation, which is particularly pertinent during the existing lockdown. For that reason, we thought we’d ask some of the guys at Viewber for their top tips on surviving WFH – hope they help!

Emma – Routine is key, get up at the same time and no ‘extra 30 mins in bed’.

Hayley – Get dressed. My partner works from home too so keep work and personal life well separated.

Michael – Set a plan for day, divide day up and into before and after lunch. I work at home with my partner and we always have lunch together to get some ‘in the office’ feel.

Natalie – Get a comfortable chair! Separate work-space from living space. Dress as if you’re going to work. Leave work area when breaking and stretch/exercise regularly.

James – Plan your distractions, five minutes every hour for distraction like playing with a pet of sitting in the garden.

Heidi – Close the door when you’re done for the day. Fight the urge to multitask, leave your chores till you’ve finished work. Buddy up with a friend who works in a similar way and schedule time to work together – or in Covid-19 era use vid calls.

Ed – I stop regularly and lie down to read a book for 15-30 mins to take my mind right off work. Face to face vid calls are great but can become all-consuming so I try to limit when I do them.

Joanne – Keep a note pad by your side and take short regular breaks. Keep drinking (easy one to forget and assume non-alcoholic!)

Chris – Vary your day, doing too much of one thing is not ideal. Remember to do some fun things.

Given we are all different and each environment is different at home there are a myriad of combinations. My experience is that it’s very easy to think WFH means you have to justify yourself more and you end up working longer and harder. That’s fine if justified but NOT at the expense of your mental health and well-being. Stress is one of the biggest factors in illness so please – don’t put yourselves at extra risk. Stay balanced and well!


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