What Covid-19 is teaching us about efficiency

Posted on 22 May, 2020

Companies are discovering decentralized and more agile working practices aren’t such a bad thing after all – and can even improve business.

It’s a fact. Many people are resistant to change but when you are forced to move outside your comfort zone, a glass ‘half full’ attitude is best. As the nation adapts to a new ‘normal’, Viewber takes a look at the top four ‘take-aways’ that are creating a positive post-Covid-19 business legacy.


1. People work well from home

There was a big misconception that ‘working from home’ was code for slacking, but with potentially millions of people keeping the country running from laptops in the lounge, businesses are discovering that employees are just as efficient and productive when home based. In fact, companies who allow remote working have a 25% lower employee turnover than those who don’t. It’s just one positive remote working statistic featured in this great article. Our operational and management team has been working remotely since we launched Viewber, proving that success and growth can flourish from anywhere.

2. Video call meetings are quicker & more productive

Once you get over the initial weirdness of seeing your colleagues’ and clients’ homes, you’ll discover that meetings held via video call are a smart way of working. Some of the research into the effectiveness of video conferences over in-person meetings can be found here but in a nutshell, they are more engaging, more focused and can be concluded quicker – plus there’s no time wasted travelling. The Viewber team regularly meets virtually, and video/virtual tours are aspects we include in our property viewings and reporting service.

3. You can keep people on track

One of the biggest complaints about remote working is losing track of what employees are doing. Online task management tools, such as Monday, Asana and Slack, allow managers to organise workflows, set deadlines and assign tasks to employees. Those involved with clients or projects are able to leave notes, upload files and change the task status to options such as ‘In Progress’, ‘Pending Information’ and ‘Done’. These are great tools in terms of transparency and accountability – why not implement them now and keep them going post-lockdown to provide a productivity boost?

4. Agile software & cloud computing is critical

Not every business was able to close their offices and switch to remote working overnight, with the transfer of data and file access a major issue. Those who suffered most were running multiple software platforms and server-based storage. IT efficiency is best achieved with cloud-based storage, which is automatically backed up, and a single all-encompassing piece of management software - both available by simply logging in to a website. Together these technologies allow businesses to run from anywhere, as long as each employee has a wifi-connected device. At Viewber, we use a dashboard that’s designed to work smoothly with all browsers on most smart devices to manage our bookings.

If you would like Viewber to be part of your transitional, agile future business plan, please look at our website for ideas, advice and more info on what we might be able to do to help.

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