Carbon Reduction with Viewber

Posted on 1 May 2024
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Carbon Reduction with Viewber

With almost 40% of visits emitting almost zero CO2, Why not consider your Carbon Reduction with Viewber, without the need to offset.

Don’t get me wrong, offsetting has its place, and the more trees planted the better, but this year Viewber is eschewing the usual CO2 accreditation as we genuinely save our clients a load of CO2 by having local Viewbers doing appointments instead of staff members travelling [often huge] distances to do them.

These could be letting management inspections, property viewings – both for residential and commercial properties, meeting contractors, insurance checks, doing photo shoots or listing packs, checking a property over before travelling to visit and many more.

Globalisation has been the enemy of sustainability – with more and more businesses consolidating to save on staffing and fixed costs and moving to large central hubs, being local has become more and more difficult – until now.

Almost 40% of Viewber’s visits are done on foot, by bicycle or using public transport – meaning almost half of all our visits elicit no emissions at all. Further savings are encouraged by the fitting and using of keysafes/lock-boxes, which saves extra journies to an office to collect keys.

This all adds up and, whilst difficult to quantify – it’s perhaps something our clients might think of as adding to the benefits they already get from using us.

As emissions are clearly on most businesses’ radars, maybe resorting to servicing needs locally is just the kind of benefit that’ll work for everyone.

Just another reason to think about using Viewber.

Carbon Reduction with Viewber

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